B-Boy Limping

This view is pretty sweet, right?

I mean, it woulda made a great backdrop for the Karen Elson/Grizzly Bear/Band of Horses show at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday, the first of the season. It was the view for last year’s waterfront shows, so what changed this year?

Some theories:

  1. The artists were selfish and wanted the views all to themselves (I’m looking at you, Grizzly Bear).
  2. People were getting blinded by the sun.
  3. It’s easier to block non-paying viewers from the outside if all they got was the back view of the stage.

There’s gotta be a legit reason, right?

Anyway, the tunes were lovely.  I missed Karen Elson (a.k.a Mrs. Jack White), but caught the easy breezy beautiful Grizzly Bear and foot-stompin’ Band of Horses. And then later I wandered away from the stage and checked out the views.

Grizzly Bear

Band of Horses

P.S. Squatting. Does anyone know the the protocol?  Do I just like, wander in and claim a space? Do I bring toilet paper? Please advise.  I would really, really like a shot at one of these apartments, and I hear there’s room: