B-Boy Limping

I am not the first to take this picture
June 29, 2010, 10:16 pm
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And I certainly won’t be the last.

This is in Washington D.C., far far away from the New York City where 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo founded G-Unit a.k.a Guerrilla Unit.

Still, what if  50 saw the sign one day while getting his parking permit or whatever and was like “Yeaaaahhh… That’s nice. I’ma cop that.”

That would be silly.

I got this in the mail yesterday…
June 25, 2010, 1:13 pm
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(the picture, not the doll… god I WISH)

…as part of a press release for an Andrew W.K. “Throbblehead,” doll, created as merch for the Warped Tour.

Guys, did you know this was a thing? You probably did.  But it’s been a while since I’ve hit up a merch table.

It got me curious, though. What other musicians had awesome bobbleheads, (or “Throbbleheads”, as in Mr. W.K’s case)?

Obviously there’s your Classics. Your Jim Morrison:

He will stare at you until your clothes come off.

Your Hendrix:

He is concentrating on that sweet rifffff.

And your Elvis (and the rarely-seen Square-Headed Elvis):

I got nothing.

Then there’s your Classic Classics, your Beethovens and such:

So alone.

And your Modern Classics,  your Andrew W.K.s, your ‘N Syncs …

JT looks like a homeless person.

Etc., etc., etc.,

But then guys, then there’s THIS:

Which is especially appropriate today, June 25th, the anniversary of MJ’s death.

And also appropriate because I think I should own it.



So who’s gonna get it for me?

So I wasn’t going to post any shots of the Air Races on Sunday
June 25, 2010, 7:20 am
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Sorry, the RED BULL Air Races on Sunday, mainly because all my pictures look like this:

It was

really, really


Pretty (also, a lot of boats, huh?), but where are the fast plaaaannnes?

I’ll tell you: too fast for me to catch on my camera.

BUT, I was just looking through my shots and saw this:

A fast plane! With smoke and everything. And I even got pylons from the obstacle course.


Which doll should I buy?
June 22, 2010, 7:26 am
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Guys, I kind of want this Defa Lucy doll:

And why wouldn’t I? She is part of a “high beautiful doll series autiful doll series,”

She has a set of 12 fineries, (which is A LOT),

And she spends her days frolicking in the garden with her sisters, with a comfortable bench and a nice view:

I am jealous!

But I gotta be honest: Defa Lucy is competing for my affection with Laine:

Because, check it:

1) She’s “a beautiful young girl in vitality.”

2) Her outfits are more to my tastes (check out that shiny blue strapless number), and

3) She’s won something called the “I Love You” Award. That’s impressive!

I’m torn guys, so I really need your help.

Which one should I choose?

This view is pretty sweet, right?

I mean, it woulda made a great backdrop for the Karen Elson/Grizzly Bear/Band of Horses show at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday, the first of the season. It was the view for last year’s waterfront shows, so what changed this year?

Some theories:

  1. The artists were selfish and wanted the views all to themselves (I’m looking at you, Grizzly Bear).
  2. People were getting blinded by the sun.
  3. It’s easier to block non-paying viewers from the outside if all they got was the back view of the stage.

There’s gotta be a legit reason, right?

Anyway, the tunes were lovely.  I missed Karen Elson (a.k.a Mrs. Jack White), but caught the easy breezy beautiful Grizzly Bear and foot-stompin’ Band of Horses. And then later I wandered away from the stage and checked out the views.

Grizzly Bear

Band of Horses

P.S. Squatting. Does anyone know the the protocol?  Do I just like, wander in and claim a space? Do I bring toilet paper? Please advise.  I would really, really like a shot at one of these apartments, and I hear there’s room:

So Rachael Ray had a block party in Brooklyn
June 21, 2010, 7:35 am
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Which sounds absurd, I know. It was called “Feedback” and for five hours on Saturday she took over the Bell House and its surroundings and had free food and music on two stages (including her husband’s band The Cringe) and actually, it was pretty fun.

Some bands:

Freelance Whales, Detroit Cobras, Sweet Apple featuring J Mascis, Motel Motel, The Click Clack Boom.

Some food:

Spot the Justine.

Some Sashas and Dans:

I don’t know what they’re doing in the second photo.

And a random Project Runway contestant:

You guys remember that guy Kevin? The one who kept declaring he was straight?

So there was all this stuff, which was great, but if there was one take-away message from Saturday, which was sponsored in huge part by Snapple,  it’s that Bret Michaels knows nothing about what tastes good.


See, for Celebrity Apprentice he created a new Snapple flavor called Trop-A-Rocka (I know).

And I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but it tastes like doo-doo for diabetics. Even adding a crapload of vodka couldn’t save this drink.

How did Trop-A-Rocka win? I didn’t watch the show, but didn’t anyone actually taste it? How bad were the other entries?

Don’t ever buy this stuff. It is decidedly not the best stuff on earth. Consider this a public service announcement.

Oh, hey guys

I want to introduce you to someone.

Guys, New ‘Stache. New ‘Stache, guys.

I’ve had him since April, but it’s taking a while to warm up to him. Obviously it’s not anything he did, it’s me.

Guys, I’ve been burned.

But this is a new day, and this is New ‘Stache. Yesterday he had his first major outing, accompanying Stan and I to Coney Island:

He watched Stan climb into the mouth of a  fish, courtesy of the Mermaid Parade…


…and he saw fireworks, courtesy of the Cyclones:

He was too scared to go night wading, though. Heroin needles and whatnot:

But despite his cowardice I think he had a good time. I hope he did, anyway. Because there’s gonna be many more excursions like this in the future.

Here’s to new beginnings.

This fat little doggie can play the piano
June 17, 2010, 11:58 pm
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He performed Wednesday evening in the penthouse of the Cooper Square hotel, at Laurie Anderson’s Homeland listening party.

I didn’t, um, stay for Laurie’s set (Shakespeare in the Park tickets!) but I did get glared at by Lou Reed for no apparent reason.* Success!

Laurie will be performing at Le Poisson Rouge  July 13th and again on Letterman the night after.  I’ll catch her one of those times. Unless, of course, this doggie is around to steal my attention…

Shhhh. He’s concentrating.

*At least I think he was looking at me. We all know his eyesight is a bit shoddy these days.

Last night I tried to see a Drake and Hanson concert
June 16, 2010, 7:13 am
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But it didn’t actually happen. And not because it sounds like I just made it up (it’s like something out of my dreams!), but because of all the fans. I think.

They came in droves, to the South Street Seaport, some smelling vaguely of weed.

“Drake, Drake, Drake,” they chanted softly, ominously. “We want to see Drake.”

A few arrived for Hanson, but they quickly left, hyperventilating.

“I want to get out of here!” one little girl sobbed, red-faced, clutching her Betsy Wetsy to her chest. “Mommy, I just want …to … goooooooooo.”

But she couldn’t go. Nobody could. They were trapped on all sides. The VIP tent was forced to drink their own urine and play hand clapping games.

What was happening? Where was the music? Openers and brave souls Ninjasonik explained that the NYPD had shut the free show down, for explicit reasons yet unknown (although the broken Hanson mixing board might have something to do with it).

But the crowd wasn’t having it.  Or they didn’t hear the announcement. They climbed on roofs, they threw Snapple bottles and metal chairs. They started smelling even more like weed. They wouldn’t take no for an answer.

This was Drake! Cute Canadian rapper/ ex-Degrassi actor! “Biggest rapper in the world” right now (according to some music writers that are blinded by their girl-crushes)! Popular before even having an album!

Oh, and this was the day of his debut album release.

So we did what any sane people would do: we got the hell out of there.  Not too far, though, I wanted to see how it would play out.We ducked into the Seaport mall and emerged a few hours later to some straight-up Bieber shit:

Drake also apparently showed up, and tweeted about it. He was “dissapointed” about how it all went down:

And all was not lost. Later, I did see this kid:

He’s rigged a subwoofer onto a handtruck and attached it to an iPod. Like a  modern-day boombox. Genius!

I’ma try that at home.

Until next time…

In which I show Justine’s reaction to something I asked at brunch
June 14, 2010, 7:37 am
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The brunch:

The Irish breakfast roll (sausage, bacon, black pudding & a fried egg) and fried pickles at Sweet Afton. Delicious.

The thing I asked:

” Who’s your favorite Backstreet Boy?”

And the reaction:

I don’t think she had one.

But hey! They’re still around! And still causing lady fans to riot.
Also, A.J. was my favorite, IF ANYBODY CARED TO KNOW.