B-Boy Limping

Last night I tried to find a husband…
February 9, 2011, 3:04 pm
Filed under: Comedy, New York

…At the release party for Jon Glaser’s My Dead Dad Was in ZZ Top (not really) at the Bell House. And there were some good choices, too!

First up was the strapping Glaser himself, who scored a million and one points for being awesome…

… but since the night was for him I figured he’d be fending off the ladies.  So I tried the other dudes:

1) The gentlemanly Scott Adsit:

But his perfect posture was too intimidating for my sloppy ass. So  I moved on to

2) Jon Hamm.  So pretty …

…But  he seemed more into his own butt than me,

and  3)  Paul Rudd. Also pretty…

…But Jon Glaser had already called dibs on him: tossing his hair, laughing at his jokes…


(Sidenote:  I dunno you guys, that cap?)

Hi Paul Rudd.

Which left me with one guy, but he was sort of my choice from the start. He’s adorable and  hilarious, and last night he pulled out a secret weapon:

The ‘stache.

John Hodgman, call me!