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September 23, 2010, 9:56 am
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At the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

Everyone tries to figure out where the smell is coming from…

Patrick Borelli, Mike Birbiglia, Sarah Vowell, Eugene Mirman, and Michael Showalter at the Q&A portion of “Mike Birbiglia Interviews a Bunch of Sort of Authors and Sarah Vowell” Saturday at the Bell House.

… but Vowell really couldn’t care less about smells…

(The one-on-one interviews were amazing but during the Q&A one question from the audience actually was “How do you write comedy?” This is why you can’t give us nice things.)

… and in the end Eugene Mirman just gives up and makes a funny face.

[a book by Sarah. She is smart.]
[a book by Patrick. He is funny.]
[Showalter has one coming out in February. He did not approve of the title.]
[Mirman did one a while back]
[look for Birbiglia’s in October. It’ll be hard to miss.]

[Comedy Fest]

spot julian lennon
September 17, 2010, 10:12 am
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At the opening of his first “fine art photography” show Timeless last night at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.

Can you find him?

Maybe this close-up will help:

Did it?

There! You found him! Good job!

He’s easier to spot in some of the other shots, like this one where he is being interviewed:

And this one where he is being kissed by a man:


There were too many people to actually see any of the stuff on the walls, so I guess I  have to go some other time to check that out. Oh well.

Son of John Lennon!

Invisible City
September 12, 2010, 8:28 am
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[Trump SoHo]

So I tried the NY Pizza Burger
September 12, 2010, 7:53 am
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The novelty

“”Four WHOPPER® patties, slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese with marinara and Tuscan sauce on a sesame seed bun”

that’s sold exclusively at the Burger King Whopper Bar in Times Square.

(also, oh yeah, there’s a BK Whopper Bar in Times Square. Open 24 hours. Soon to be serving beer.)

And yes, it was absurd.

The absurd thing is not that this thing exists. Because as far as pizza-flavored food items go, the taste is exactly as you would expect it to be.  And if you split it with folks, the 2,500 calorie count isn’t that ridiculous.

It’s is not even that it looks like a bloated flower. Like a pizza representation of Narcissus, or a Muppet prop. That’s actually endearing.

No, it’s that I ate it Friday after a night of Fashion’s Night Out indulgence which included the chef David Chang/ Vogue food critic Jeffrey Steingarten-hosted event at Andaz  5th. (Which it seemed like every food writer in NY showed up to. They love free Momofuku.)

But guys, I had to do it. It’s not that often that I find myself in Times Square with a bunch of folks willing to split a Pizza Burger, at the only place in the world that you can currently get it.

A PIZZA. BURGGERRRRR. [This is America.]

It was totally worth it.

But um, nobody tell David Chang.

Last night I went to a screening of “Style Wars”

Which I can’t believe I’d never seen before. The Sundance Award-winning hip hop film is  a vibrant and invigorating document of street culture in the early 80s (underlined by an awesomely dry PBS narrator), capturing the breadth of subway graffiti writing before my mayor Ed Koch started scrubbing trains to get rid of it all. The night was held to raise funds for the restoration project to transfer the 16mm film to a high def master. You can donate to the cause here.

After the screening there was a Q&A.

Co-producer Henry Chalfant.

B-boy Crazy Legs and Co.


At the reception after. DJ Kay Slay, a.k.a. Dezzy Dez from the film.

The Step and Repeat.

(If this were a subway car there woulda been room for the “S.” Just sayin’.)

Why is Taylor Hanson wearing sunglasses?

Sorry ladies, note the wedding ring.

1) He is shy.

2) He is high.

3) The lights are bright and he is waiting for just the right moment for the dramatic reveal. Also, they make him look cool and go with his outfit, a style which I have dubbed “gay sailor”. Let him serve, y’all.

I think it’s number 2.

Oh, I kid I kid (Hanson Fans please don’t hurt me) but he did keep the shades on for a majority of last night, at the final show of the summer sponsored by Paper Magazine. Remember? They were supposed to play one earlier with Drake, but then things, um, went awry.

Last night went swimmingly, however, and Taylor waited until the upbeat diddy “Give a Little,” to whip the shades off. He also fell to his knees and writhed on stage. TAYLOR.

He made me blush.

But wait! There were also other brothers. Here’s Issac, looking dapper as always. That kid should give dressing lessons:

And here’s just a little sliver of Zac, but don’t worry: he wasn’t like a disembodied head or anything. I don’t think so, anyway:

Here is the crowd making the world go “round and round and round” with their hands during “Where’s the Love”:


And here’s Taylor again, in full suspender splendor:

Right before the girls in the audience became women.

Two things I learned at Brooklyn Bowl last night
September 7, 2010, 6:00 am
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1) Trim your fingernails before you go bowling, and

2) Big Boi is really little. Aw.

So yeah, Stan, Dan, and I went to the BK Bowl last night to see us a rap show. We got there early and bowled a couple rounds:

Then Big Boi a.k.a Daddy Fat Sax came out and killed it for about an hour.

It was mostly old stuff, surprisingly. The chunk of new stuff was thrown into a medley in the middle, with a sick “General Patton” beginning, which faked me out, ’cause I got super excited for the whole thing and then it didn’t come.

Why you gotta leave me hanging, Big Boi?

But he did end the show with a full “You Ain’t No DJ. “Yelawolf joined him on stage for his guest part, and the ladies went wild.

(No joke.)

Apparently Big Boi’s son was on stage for a little bit but he was so tiny that I didn’t see his little hat bobbing up and down until the end. But from what I saw he did have some sweet dance moves.

And Dan pointed out that there was a video made for every song, some higher quality than others. But they were projected on a screen towards the back of the venue, facing the stage. So really, the only folks that could see them were Big Boi and his crew. But it was a nice touch anyway. I GUESS.

Ladies, you like?

Also, anyone else think it was a strange venue for Big Boi’s only NYC appearance? I mean, props to his crossover appeal, and I do enjoy high-end bowling and pitchers of margarita, but he definitely could have sold out a bigger venue. And it was hilarious the way the crew kept saying “Brooklyyyyn,” all hard and shit. Because and while that’s technically true, it’s  Williamsburg. A few blocks away from Bedford Avenue. Decidedly not hard and shit. And the pretty homogeneous crowd reflected that.

Also also, I broke a nail. Bowling!

Stan and Dan had a wedding…

…at the Queens County Farm Museum. There were hayrides and goats and stuff. It was awesome.

Stan and Dan.




Sarah and friend.

Congrats, you guys.

Holy Ghost! at PS1
September 5, 2010, 12:30 pm
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9/4/10. It was a lovely day for the last of the museum’s summer Warm Up parties.

Can you spot your mom?

Down with the LIC.

[Holy Ghost!]