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The night the ladies met Joan Rivers
October 28, 2009, 3:22 pm
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We saw her at the Laurie Beechman Theater, testing out some new material. Grandma has quite the pottymouth on her.

Justine and Joan, together at last!

Did you guys know that she’s 76 years old?!? Justine and I guessed 67, 68 tops.

I feel kinda weird that we can see her bra.

Yesterday I saw Gentlemen Broncos

The new comedy by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) starring Michael Angarano as teenage writer who gets his work stolen by a well-known science fiction author, played by Jemaine Clement (who is AWESOME in this).

This was the hilarious photo they sent over from the night (credit: Michael Loccisano, Getty Images):

(L-R) Actors Halley Feifferand and, Michael Angarano, Write/Director Jared Hess and actors Josh Pais, Sam Rockwell and Mike White attend the screening of "Gentlemen Broncos" at Tribeca Cinemas on October 26, 2009 in New York City.

Halley Feiffer, Michael Angarano, Writer/Director Jared Hess, Josh Pais, Sam Rockwell and Mike White.

I believe this was taken after the screening and Q&A and before the reception because folks, you’re looking at the faces of actors that are in serious need of some booze. (Except for Mike White. It looks like he may have already had some.)

[Check out more about the movie here.]

Find Patrick Watson
October 27, 2009, 10:12 am
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CMJ, Mercury Lounge, 10/22.


Sundays With Chris
October 25, 2009, 4:04 pm
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Last week Stan and I attended the opening reception for Sundays with Chris at the Diane Von Furstenberg Gallery.

Two champagne glasses, Stan? Nice.

It’s a set of pop art renderings of Christopher Walken done by John Codling, an ex-Wall-Streeter turned painter. The exhibition is up through November 1st, with all profits going towards Team Continuum, an organization that provides assistance for cancer patients.

If I had the cash, I would’ve bid on the painting hanging on the wall behind Stan, titled “Walken This Way.” The full piece:


Mika’s a tiger on stage…
October 22, 2009, 12:30 pm
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…but rather tame in the bedroom.

Seriously, when I interviewed him, it was in a hotel bedroom, and he was quite reserved.

Mika last Friday at the United Palace Theater

Someone decidedly not reserved on stage, or in the bedroom, is Margaret Cho.

[Mom and Dad, it’s in your best interest to stop reading here.]


I know the “in the bedroom” part because last night at the RISK! event at Joe’s Pub, Cho revealed her love for bondage and domination behind closed doors. If you’re not familiar, RISK! is a weekly night/podcast hosted by Kevin Allison of The State, where folks get up on stage and tell true stories about themselves.

Last night’s theme was “We Were Young: Things We’d Never Do Again” and Cho regaled us with a story about being in a relationship with an unattractive man who was bad at sex. She introduced us to a fun game she plays with her friends, where she runs up to them and yells


Because that’s what the dude used to ask her when she didn’t orgasm.

Oh, how I love Margaret Cho, and her willingness to mine her personal tragedies for the benefit of comedy. I also thank her for that game, which I’m gonna start playing. Just a warning to my friends.

We were left last night with some sage advice, that being “Don’t fuck someone you don’t love.” Then she amended to “Don’t be in a relationship with someone you don’t love.” Because, yeah. The first way would make life pretty boring.

You can see the marvelous Ms. Cho when she accompanies Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal for John Roberts and Friends tonight at Comix.

Richard Kind makes a great Vanna White…

…which Katie and I found out when we checked out Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words last Monday at the Triad Theater.

Celebrity Autobiography is the brainchild of comedy writer and actor Eugene Pack, and features a line-up of rotating performers reading from the actual words and stories written by the famous and the infamous. Here’s a pic of Rachel Dratch reading from Joan Lunden’s autobiography “Good Morning, I’m Joan Lunden”:


And here’s video from an older performance.

Other readers last Monday included Kristen Johnston, Scott Adsit, Richard Kind, and Sherri Shepherd, who was pretty excellent as Madonna.


Here’s the thing about Sherri though, (who, by the way, looked amazing): Judging by some of the things that comes out of her mouth on The View I’m not so sure she’s in the greatest position to be making fun of anyone else’s narcissism or lack of common sense. That said, however, she was funny. And perhaps pretty smart. Because by being so close to this Celebrity Autobiography venture, she ensures that nobody up there will be reading excerpts from her new self-help book, Permission Slips, anytime soon.

(Somebody get me that book!)

Cloris Leachman is amazing
October 15, 2009, 7:26 am
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And she was at the New York, I Love You premiere party last night at M2.

She showed us some sweet dance moves…


…but I forgot to tell her that her vignette in the movie was my favorite. I did, however, say that I was a big fan of her work in the Comedy Central roast of Bob Saget (check it out; it’s so good).

Not sure what Erin discussed with her, but it probably had something to do with “The Facts of Life.”

Here’s Erin now:


Apple Pickin’
October 13, 2009, 7:11 am
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Last Saturday we went apple picking in New Jersey and…

…we saw goats! This guy was my favorite. I think he thinks he’s hiding. Silly!

We also met Sheep and Chicken, who may look like friends now…

…but don’t be fooled. This was taken right before Sheep head-butted Chicken.

(To be fair, Chicken was being a total jerk.)

We learned that when Stan sees gourds, she just has to dance…

…and pretty days make for excellent pictures.

Then we followed the arrow to the…

Apples! And we picked and ate them all. Mmmmmm…

All in all, it was a pretty a-maize-ing day.

The night the ladies met Gilbert Gottfried


and Erin.


Gilbert on stage…


and Justine’s face for most of the night.

Awwww, what can we say: Florence Henderson, Davy Jones, and Gary Coleman references just aren’t our thing.

But we did enjoy the dirty jokes you performed off  your DVD (well, I did anyway), and we thank you, Gilbert, for being so nice and taking pictures with us. We’ll be sure to tell our dads about you.

Last night I watched two strangers make out


Well, one of them is a stranger. The other is Stephen Elliott, author of The Adderall Diaries. This is what he chose to do for his public risk at the Happy Ending Music and Reading Series last night at Joe’s Pub. Because really, there’s nothing like a make out session with a random person in the audience to cleanse the palate after reading aloud about convicted murderers.

This was a risky choice, but I think it worked out well for both Stephen and the young lady who eagerly volunteered to make it happen.

Actually, it may have been a little too well, if you catch my drift.