B-Boy Limping

This is an ad for a furniture store
April 30, 2009, 2:31 pm
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Glad they didn’t forget the hispanic people. Or the all people.

It’s a real ad that’s supposed to be kind of a parody. But it misses the mark, no?

Or is it awesome? I can’t tell.


Jesus! On a plate!
April 29, 2009, 7:25 am
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So there’s a minor uproar currently going on about the latest proposed Florida vanity license plates, which depicts Jesus on a cross. Separation of church and state, morbid illustration, why is Jesus blonde, blah blah blah. Over at Buzzfeed they’re getting creative and making their own plates (which you can also do here). Some good ones below, after the original.

The OG:

The Will Ferrell:


The Bea Arthur (RIP):


The some cat in a container:


and mine (crappy Photoshop job, but you get the point):


But while these are amazing, the winner of the modified Jesus plate has to be Best Week Ever, who saw the potential in the vanity plate abbreviated profanity format. Stick an image of Jesus in the background and voilà:


Really? Jesus loves tofu? Woulda pegged him as more of a fish guy, but I guess this plate kinda covers both bases…

(I’m going to hell for this)

[Best Week Ever]

The eyebrows have it

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about eyebrows. They’re awesome, right? I mean, not only do they serve to make your face not look weird without them (seriously – have you guys seen Whoopi Goldberg?), but they’re actually quite useful. They help us when we communicate, they probably do something to keep our face warm, and, like a built-in sweatband, they keep our sweat from rolling in and stinging our eyes, incapacitating our sight.

Guys, without eyebrows we would be (sorta) BLIND.

So then, it follows that we should grow our eyebrows larger, yeah? We should have thick ones, glorious ones, and we should wear them proudly. They should be able to be seen from space declaring Yes! We’re Here! And We Are AMAZING! Because unlike mustaches which, as far as I can tell, actually hinders you in the day-to-day, (especially when eating soup), I can see no downside to flaunting the bushy brow. It’s equal opportunity. Everyone can do it, and everybody should.

Who’s with me?



Okay fine, there’s one downside. Big eyebrows look funny, and we are a proud people. Well, lucky for us, there’s also fake eyebrows we can play with, like the ones the beautiful and talented Resalin just sent me. All the fun, tons of sweat-reduction, none of the commitment. I’m especially a fan of the “Grandpa.”

Next, though, we’re gonna have to work on our vanity.

(Thanks Res!)


which one should I choose?
April 27, 2009, 11:15 am
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Guys, this really cute boy asked me to prom, but I need help deciding which dress to wear. Should I go with…


1. The bows are good, but maybe in a different color?


2. This one’s better for my wedding day, I think.


3. I dunno… too suggestive?


4. This one comes with a built-in snack, so that’s good…



5. I’m not pregnant, but I do like this girl’s style.

Guys, help!

Dear Kristin
April 27, 2009, 8:41 am
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Please come back to New York.

We miss you.


Kristin and the ‘stache at The Frying Pan this weekend.

In honor of the special weekend…
April 24, 2009, 11:33 am
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…here are some pictures of animals wearing party hats.


Sure, Aries looks cute now, but wait ’til she finds out you didn’t get her that X-Box she asked for.

[ Flickr]


Too many tequila shots.



This one is just annoying, but I’m quite certain it’s not the doggie’s fault.



Calvin looks none too happy to be wearing this hat, but if he’s gotta do it he’s gonna rock it b-boy style. Ya heard?



Ha. This guy lives in Brooklyn. Turns out it wasn’t even his birthday–he just wanted the attention. Hipsters.

[A Brooklyn Life]

500 Days of Third Rock

Once in college I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt at a party, but I couldn’t remember his name so I just called him “Third Rock” (from his show “3rd Rock from the Sun”) the whole night. I don’t think he minded, because he was pretty high at the time.*

Anyway, Third Rock is in a new film called 500 Days of Summer with soon to be Mrs. Ben Gibbard, Zooey Deschanel. The movie’s pretty standard indie fare: emo kid, mysterious lady that he falls hard for, and killer, killer soundtrack. But this post isn’t to review the movie, it’s to post some pics of Third Rock taken by the director Marc Webb, when the film debuted at SXSW this year.





These pictures are terrible but one thing that’s clear is that Third Rock is a party animal.

Hey Third Rock, let’s be friends.

*This may or may not have actually happened.

[Fox Searchlight]

james murphy destroys at Big Buck Hunter


From Aziz Ansari’s Twitter:

“In the finals of the annual Big Buck Hunter Championships. Reigning champ James Murphy gets ANOTHER triple buck”

I’m assuming that’s good. Also, if you ever run into Murphy at a bar and want to buy him a drink, I hear he likes Booker’s bourbon with two ice cubes and a slice of lime.

Tinted Windows at Mercury Lounge

Some advice:

If you know you’re going to the most surreal music show you’ve seen in a while, meaning one starring Taylor Hanson, James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins), Adam Schlesinger (Ivy, Fountains of Wayne), and Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick) as the band Tinted Windows,


Because mine weren’t and I’m kicking myself. This show was all about the visuals, specifically, Taylor Hanson visuals. Let’s face it: if you squint and tilt your head, a “supergroup” of members from Fountain of Wayne, Cheap Trick and Smashing Pumpkins doesn’t seem that farfetched, but then throw in the kid that sang Mmm-Bop, and all hell breaks loose in the blogosphere. And your mind.

And last night the kid—with tambourine in hand, skinny John Waters mustache on his face, and wedding band a-blazing—knew that all eyes were on him.

But first, the backstory:

Three years ago, Schlesinger, an old friend of Hanson’s, paid a visit to the Hanson brothers’ compound in Tulsa and he and Taylor penned the song “Take Me Back.” Schlesinger knew Iha because they both ran Scratchie records together. The trio visualized who they would want to be their drummer in an ideal situation, and came up with Bun E. Carlos. So then they thought “Why not ask Bun E. Carlos?” They did, he accepted, and here we are, with the band’s self-titled debut coming out today.

Now back to the show. Hanson was front-and-center, the clear frontman wearing a black button-down (with tie), black skinny jeans and rocking teen-hearthrob hair that by the end of the night was saturated with sweat, but somehow still floppy. He was the one that was focused on as being the anomaly but in fact, he was the only one on stage that didn’t look out of place, given the group’s girl-infatuated power-pop aesthetic. He was even—and this seems blasphemous to say—sexy. Especially when he wiped the sweat off his face, and loosened his tie at the end of the show. But you can judge his appeal for yourself. They’re on Letterman tonight and Jimmy Fallon on Thursday. Before then, check out some video footage from their first show in Tulsa.

Gross but awesome quote of the night, courtesy of Taylor Hanson: “It’s raining out there but I think it’s wet in here. Sweaty, I mean.”

cheat codes for everyday life
April 20, 2009, 2:24 pm
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The latest issue of Wired has a piece on cheat codes for cutting through everyday life. Not sure how Googling in alternate languages (like Klingon) makes your life easier, but some are pretty helpful. Like the one about things you can order off-menu at fast food restaurants, and this one:

Send calls straight to a recipient’s voicemail.
(Even when the phone* is on.)

Call 267-SLY-DIAL (267-759-3425)
Enter recipient’s phone number.
Leave a message explaining that it’s just not working out.

*Works only on cell phones

This might just change my life.