B-Boy Limping

This is what an adult sippy cup looks like

Found this one on the ground. Didn’t wanna touch it.

It comes filled with red or white wine.

I’m cool with the fact that this exists. Why not? Serves a demographic. I’m also cool with the fact that it cost $20 a pint. I just wouldn’t pay it.

What I’m having a little trouble with, however, was that it was being sold by a guy trolling the aisles at Memphis (don’t ask… okay, I was curious), a BROADWAY SHOW, along with candy and water and other things adult children would want.  Like we were at a baseball game!

Guys, this was the first play on Broadway I’ve been to where this was the case (Off Broadway is a different matter). Am I being prudish by thinking it’s absurd?

Because not only is it so, ugh, PLEBEIAN (ha, sorry!), sometimes people leave it on the ground without it being fully empty, and this happens:

Red wine is a bitch to get out, you guys.


Mean alternate ending: Maybe plowing voters with pint-sized alcohol is how Memphis secured all those Tonys?

Last night I went to a Tupperware party…

…and this was the first thing I saw when the elevators opened:

Yes, she’s a mermaid. And yes, she’s painted green.

Behind the curtain of water (yes, the curtain of water) there was this guy:

It was, to quote the invitation, a “seaside wonderland made of Tupperware.” And needless to say, I was totally into it.

Tupperware throws these from time to time to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club, and invites famous folks to host them. Last night’s host was Jane Krakowski, who was also celebrating the release of her CD, The Laziest Gal in Town.

Here’s the lovely Ms. Krakowski:

And here’s her new album:

Also on deck was Food Network Chef Stuart O’Keeffe, who is also apparently the official spokesperson for Tupperware:

Again to quote the invite: “This is not your mother’s Tupperware Party.” I am not sure what that means because my mom never threw Tupperware parties. I do know that this dude made the amazing hors d’oeuvres: little truffled tuna tartare bites, steak with romano cheese, some other things… and this is something my mom rarely does. Well okay, never does.

Then Jane and Stuart did something with the Tupperware, but I’m not sure what. It looked like fun, though, and vaguely inappropriate:

Tupperware’s name was branded all over the place, from the swimsuits (yes, swimsuits) of the bartenders and waitresses, to beach bags, to their variety of product.   This however, was undoubtedly my favorite spot:

Unfortunately, he didn’t come in the giftbag.

Everybody’s so “Dark” lately
July 16, 2010, 6:51 am
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Maybe it’s the weather?

First David Lynch, Danger Mouse, and the late Mark Linkous this week with their Dark Night of the Soul album (NPR stream here)  and the accompanying photo exhibition by Lynch at the Morrison Hotel Gallery (where at the opening on Tuesday poor Danger Mouse hid out in the basement. Where it’s dark! And there are no reporters).

Granted, the album came out a year later than planned because of a  dispute with the label, but still, works for the purposes of this post.

Second is the Guggenheim, with their “Dark Sounds” three-part music series accompanying their Haunted: Contemporary Film/Video/Performance exhibit. Last night’s performance was Zach Condon’s Balkan-folk band, Beirut. Zach’s afflicted with a bit of wanderlust, so to pin him down for a show (or three actually, the first two at the Music Hall of Williamsburg earlier this month) is a great coup. But I’m worried for him, in all the darkness.

That’s why I gave him a some light:

Here is a creepy picture of Charlyne Yi
July 15, 2010, 8:24 am
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The guy on the right is on to me.

It was last night at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, the first of two Wednesdays where she’s testing out her show “A Little Time With Charlyne Yi” before taking it to the Edinburgh Comedy festival next month.

Look! Look how short her hair is! It’s cute! That’s all I wanted to show you. A few months ago she shaved it off on stage while singing “Nothing Compares 2 U.” She told the Voice that she’s wearing a lot more dresses now because with her hair short people think she’s a little boy.

[That totally happened to me in eighth grade, you guys. But instead of correcting people I went with it. No more eighth grade glass ceiling! It was rad.

Then people figured it out and it was back to square one.]


This one is arty.

…I don’t want to give away too much from the show, but she told some jokes, did a little magic, played a little bit of guitar, piano, and even the harp. And she had her friend, the one in the top picture whose name I can’t remember (Josh?) play some clarinet and sexy solo saxophone.

I wanted to check the show out because her movie Paper Heart was just a little too twee for me (even though it was pointed out to me that I was bawling at the end. BOY PROBLEMZZZZ), but I like Charlyne and wanted to see her on stage. It was worth it: she’s riveting, and actually takes you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. But no crying happened this time! I think I’m oversharing!

Here she is from the front. You didn’t get this before b/c all my shots were blurry like this:

I woulda gotten you guys a better pic, but I was too shy to ask. So I guess I’ll remain the girl that takes creepy pictures.

Watch your butts.

I’m not sure what was up with M.I.A last night…
July 12, 2010, 8:11 am
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… I just know it wasn’t cool.

The event: M.I.A.’s /\/\ /\ Y /\ release party
The place: MoMA PS1
The players: Ninjasonik, Rye Rye, and, the Notorious M.I.A.

The evening started out pleasantly enough, with food, drink and DJ sets under part of this summer’s courtyard installation, “Pole Dance.”

Mmmm… beer.

First up on stage was Ninjasonik, wilin’ up their set with shorts fallin’ down, yellin’ at us to shut up and promising us that “somebody gonna get pregnant.” They are that potent! I should take a pregnancy test!

Then M.I.A. protege Rye Rye did a few songs, and then the lady herself:

The like, three minutes she played were pretty banging. She was barefoot, she worked the stage, she asked the audience if they had any tequila before launching into “Teqkilla” off the album. But she kept interrupting herself to ask for her mic to be turned up and, just as abruptly as it had started, it was over.

Then she started throwing things. First, the mic, into the audience, seemingly unprovoked. “You want my mic?”

Then her shoes. “You want my shoes?” (Actually, sure, they were kind of cute).

Then “You want my shades?” before throwing her sunglasses and instructing us to follow her inside the museum, where there was a better sound system and where she would presumably resume the show.

Soooooo dramaaaaatic, Maya.

I’ma start calling you Drama Maya. DrammaMayaa.


Okay, I gotta work on that.

Anwyay, so we did, we followed our barefoot and sunglasses-less Pied Piper through the courtyard up to the doors, where we encountered this:

That would be, closed doors, which weren’t letting people in.

Some wily folks got by the security guards, who inexplicably held the door open while yelling at everyone to get back, but after about a half an hour of telling people to stand back, they just told everyone that it was over and we should all go home.

This is the opposite of how Justine felt.

BUT, where did all the people that went in go? Did PS1 swallow them? (and if it did that would make a pretty awesome movie: “Attack of the Art museum.”) Nah, something was happening and and we wanted to see. So, yada yada yada, sorry security guards, we ended up inside, on the top floor, where they were playing the “Born Free” video in a screening room and the main room was turned into a dance floor with a D.J.

We weren’t really sure if M.I.A. was going to play another song, but something had to go down… and then it did. She came out with two other women, all in burkas, and lurked around the stage.

Then she uncovered her face, played a quick song…

…then disappeared, leaving the other burka ladies on stage, and leaving us to wonder whether we had actually seen her.

And then the stage turned into a dance party. Here’s Rye Rye with a mustachioed gentleman who for some reason was carrying a ginger root and a pineapple (not shown). Hipsters.

You may recognize the dude in the yellow tank as one of the redheads from the “Born Free” video. He also had some fly moves (also, not shown).

And that was the /\/\ /\ Y /\ release party. Or one of them anyway. Actual M.I.A. time: a generous ten minutes. Hopefully she plays for longer at her Governors Island show or else there gonna be a riot, ’cause those people actually paid cash money.

Also, I just realized Ninjasonik was the opening band at the Drake fiasco at the seaport. Maybe they’re cursed? Maybe too many people in the audience were getting pregnant? Just to be safe, best save up for child support, boys.

UPDATE: Apparently the cops turned her sound off? Yeah… maybe that’s what happened outside, but it doesn’t explain the rest of the night. But maybe I just don’t understand “sound”.

This baby is scared someone will ask for his papers
July 2, 2010, 3:37 pm
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Happy Fourth of July you guys!