B-Boy Limping

What should I buy from the Damien Hirst Spot Paintings gift shop?
January 22, 2012, 1:07 am
Filed under: art, New York

There’s so much to choose from!

Should I go with a t-shirt?

Or a mug for m’ cubicle? There’s a surprise spot a the bottom for when I finish m’ tea:

Never mind you guys, I think I found it:

Just what every b-boy needs. Cuff links! And what a steal for only $28.

At the Gagosian, 1/21/2012.

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“Anyway… here we are, do come in”
“Oh, wow … what a lovely apartment you’ve got, I’m so jealous!”
“Thanks, fancy a cup of tea?”
“Oh yes please”
“Mugs OK?”
(2 minutes later)
“Here we go…”
“Oh, I see you collect art as well”
“So you recognise it then?”
“Like Ye-ah!”
“Most people don’t…”
“Actually, I’ve followed his work for years”
“Me too!…. just look at his use of colour here, and the way it contrasts with the other spot over here.”
“I know, it’s sublime…. oh it’s so nice to meet someone cultured at last…. do you mind if I ask …how much?”
“Let’s just say…. I had to have it!”


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