B-Boy Limping

What I learned at the tenth anniversary screening of Pootie Tang tonight
November 8, 2011, 2:50 am
Filed under: Comedy, Film, New York

(A Louis C.K. joint.)

Lance Crouther, a.k.a. Pootie

1) Louis C.K.’s original cut of the movie was three hours long
2) Bob Costas felt he was duped into being in the film when it didn’t initally get a strong positive reception. He now says he loves it more every year.
3) Robert Vaughn had no idea what movie he was making, and
4) man, Wanda Sykes has some fly moves. I’ma be Biggie Shorty for Halloween next year, I think.

[92YTribeca, 11/7/2011]

P.S. Look what I found! An unreleased trailer.

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