B-Boy Limping

Childish Gambino at Central Park Summerstage

Gambino ’bout to kick it:

Gambino got some gunssss:

Gambino gettin’ away:

Gambino havin’ funnnn:

Look! I wrote a rap. From now on call me “Vizual Hunter” (actual Wu-Tang generator name).

(Also yeah, I would hit that.)


In which I reveal something that everyone knows anyway
March 10, 2012, 2:06 am
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As many of you know, I have a thing for redheads. I’ve never thought much about why that is before tonight though, when I went to see Mike Maronna and Danny Tamberelli (a.k.a Pete & Pete) on stage at Night of the Living at the Pit.

Back of the head-style.

You guys, I think Big Pete was the original ginger.

And  even though they said what neighborhood he lives in I’m not gonna like, hang out there or anything. Just wanted to put it out there just in case any of you knew him.

You know where to reach me.

Scenes from “Portlandia: The Tour”
January 22, 2012, 1:24 am
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At Bowery Ballroom tonight.

Fred Armisen and the adorable Carrie Brownstein, doing what they do:

Guest performer Kyle MacLachlan:

And Annie Clark (St. Vincent) covering Pearl Jam’s “Black”:

God I want her shirt.

Did you guys know that Kathy Griffin was dating someone?
November 14, 2011, 11:13 pm
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And that he is 33 (or something? Unless I got that wrong and she is dating the Old Spice guy, in which case he is 37)? She is 51. Go Kathy Griffin.

Here she is at Carnegie Hall last Saturday as part of the New York Comedy Festival.

Tellin’ jokes.

Also “internationally acclaimed personal finance expert” Suze Orman was in the audience. I just wrote that so my mother wouldn’t get bored with this post.

Bye Kathy Griffin. Also, DAMN.

[Carnegie Hall, 11/12/11]

What I learned at the tenth anniversary screening of Pootie Tang tonight
November 8, 2011, 2:50 am
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(A Louis C.K. joint.)

Lance Crouther, a.k.a. Pootie

1) Louis C.K.’s original cut of the movie was three hours long
2) Bob Costas felt he was duped into being in the film when it didn’t initally get a strong positive reception. He now says he loves it more every year.
3) Robert Vaughn had no idea what movie he was making, and
4) man, Wanda Sykes has some fly moves. I’ma be Biggie Shorty for Halloween next year, I think.

[92YTribeca, 11/7/2011]

P.S. Look what I found! An unreleased trailer.

Here are some pictures of Ira Glass getting wasted
September 18, 2011, 12:32 pm
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At the “Drunk” themed Talent Show last night at the Bell House, part of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival.

(a.k.a sort of the best thing ever.)





Arm wrestling!

Bantering (out of turn) with Rachel Maddow!

Heckling sober comedian Dan St. Germain!

At the bottom of a human pyramid!

Getting helped up by his beautiful wife!

“More please.”


[The Bell House, 9/17/2011]

Jim Gaffigan is so pale…
July 10, 2011, 6:50 am
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…That my camera thinks he’s a ghost.

(It’s him, I swear. Or I’m pretty sure anyway.)

Central Park Summerstage, Rumsey Playfield, 6/29.

Last night I tried to find a husband…
February 9, 2011, 3:04 pm
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…At the release party for Jon Glaser’s My Dead Dad Was in ZZ Top (not really) at the Bell House. And there were some good choices, too!

First up was the strapping Glaser himself, who scored a million and one points for being awesome…

… but since the night was for him I figured he’d be fending off the ladies.  So I tried the other dudes:

1) The gentlemanly Scott Adsit:

But his perfect posture was too intimidating for my sloppy ass. So  I moved on to

2) Jon Hamm.  So pretty …

…But  he seemed more into his own butt than me,

and  3)  Paul Rudd. Also pretty…

…But Jon Glaser had already called dibs on him: tossing his hair, laughing at his jokes…


(Sidenote:  I dunno you guys, that cap?)

Hi Paul Rudd.

Which left me with one guy, but he was sort of my choice from the start. He’s adorable and  hilarious, and last night he pulled out a secret weapon:

The ‘stache.

John Hodgman, call me!

At the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

Everyone tries to figure out where the smell is coming from…

Patrick Borelli, Mike Birbiglia, Sarah Vowell, Eugene Mirman, and Michael Showalter at the Q&A portion of “Mike Birbiglia Interviews a Bunch of Sort of Authors and Sarah Vowell” Saturday at the Bell House.

… but Vowell really couldn’t care less about smells…

(The one-on-one interviews were amazing but during the Q&A one question from the audience actually was “How do you write comedy?” This is why you can’t give us nice things.)

… and in the end Eugene Mirman just gives up and makes a funny face.

[a book by Sarah. She is smart.]
[a book by Patrick. He is funny.]
[Showalter has one coming out in February. He did not approve of the title.]
[Mirman did one a while back]
[look for Birbiglia’s in October. It’ll be hard to miss.]

[Comedy Fest]

Here is a creepy picture of Charlyne Yi
July 15, 2010, 8:24 am
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The guy on the right is on to me.

It was last night at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, the first of two Wednesdays where she’s testing out her show “A Little Time With Charlyne Yi” before taking it to the Edinburgh Comedy festival next month.

Look! Look how short her hair is! It’s cute! That’s all I wanted to show you. A few months ago she shaved it off on stage while singing “Nothing Compares 2 U.” She told the Voice that she’s wearing a lot more dresses now because with her hair short people think she’s a little boy.

[That totally happened to me in eighth grade, you guys. But instead of correcting people I went with it. No more eighth grade glass ceiling! It was rad.

Then people figured it out and it was back to square one.]


This one is arty.

…I don’t want to give away too much from the show, but she told some jokes, did a little magic, played a little bit of guitar, piano, and even the harp. And she had her friend, the one in the top picture whose name I can’t remember (Josh?) play some clarinet and sexy solo saxophone.

I wanted to check the show out because her movie Paper Heart was just a little too twee for me (even though it was pointed out to me that I was bawling at the end. BOY PROBLEMZZZZ), but I like Charlyne and wanted to see her on stage. It was worth it: she’s riveting, and actually takes you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. But no crying happened this time! I think I’m oversharing!

Here she is from the front. You didn’t get this before b/c all my shots were blurry like this:

I woulda gotten you guys a better pic, but I was too shy to ask. So I guess I’ll remain the girl that takes creepy pictures.

Watch your butts.