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Jesus! On a plate!
April 29, 2009, 7:25 am
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So there’s a minor uproar currently going on about the latest proposed Florida vanity license plates, which depicts Jesus on a cross. Separation of church and state, morbid illustration, why is Jesus blonde, blah blah blah. Over at Buzzfeed they’re getting creative and making their own plates (which you can also do here). Some good ones below, after the original.

The OG:

The Will Ferrell:


The Bea Arthur (RIP):


The some cat in a container:


and mine (crappy Photoshop job, but you get the point):


But while these are amazing, the winner of the modified Jesus plate has to be Best Week Ever, who saw the potential in the vanity plate abbreviated profanity format. Stick an image of Jesus in the background and voilà:


Really? Jesus loves tofu? Woulda pegged him as more of a fish guy, but I guess this plate kinda covers both bases…

(I’m going to hell for this)

[Best Week Ever]