B-Boy Limping

Holiday shoppin’

You guys, it’s already December! I seriously need to get started on my holiday shopping. Luckily Warner Bros. Records has made it so easy for me to find the perfect gift for every member of my family.

I think my dad would dig these  Mastodon steins because he 1) loves porcelain, 2) is a huge fan of metal, and 3) drinks beer. They’re basically perfect!

My mother, on the other hand, is a candy fiend who dreams of being surrounded by babies (or so it seems like when she’s all like “when are you having babies?” Huh? HUH???), so I think for her these Flaming Lips gummy fetuses will work just fine. They’re edible AND have a USB drive with a new song embedded in the cranium.

I hope she likes them, because these puppies are gonna run me $150. Ouch.

My sister is a little trickier to shop for. However, she’s a gardener who also loves New Wave, so I think this Devo “Energy Dome” hat / upside down flower pot should do the trick.

And my brother-in-law is a piece of cake. He wishes he were a Southern rapper but he also has to go to work in an office every day (borrringggg), so these temporary Gucci Mane face tatts and Brick Squad bandanna are just what he needs for his weekend carousing:

Just like Gucci!

But guys, I deserve a present too. We all know I love smooth crooners, especially Canadian ones, and am all about underwear that looks like it doesn’t breathe. Obviously, these are perfect:

Michael Bublé knows just what a girl wants.

Happy Holidays!