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This is how New Yorkers celebrate Easter
April 4, 2010, 7:57 pm
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Today at the Easter parade on Fifth Ave., which for some doubles as a second Halloween:

They don’t give awards for outfits, so I’ve decided to do it myself. But first, let’s say hi to Stan:

Hi Stan.

“Hi guys.”

Okay, third place goes to the guy on the left, who not only shows off some shapely legs in that hot polka-dot number, but has constructed a delicious-looking tower of cake and stuffed bunnies:


Second place goes to this lady (yes it’s a lady), because I couldn’t figure out how she wasn’t toppling over. Double points because it was about 70 degrees out today:

And  first place goes to this guy, who was just so darn cute:

(Honorable mention.)