B-Boy Limping

This is what an adult sippy cup looks like

Found this one on the ground. Didn’t wanna touch it.

It comes filled with red or white wine.

I’m cool with the fact that this exists. Why not? Serves a demographic. I’m also cool with the fact that it cost $20 a pint. I just wouldn’t pay it.

What I’m having a little trouble with, however, was that it was being sold by a guy trolling the aisles at Memphis (don’t ask… okay, I was curious), a BROADWAY SHOW, along with candy and water and other things adult children would want.  Like we were at a baseball game!

Guys, this was the first play on Broadway I’ve been to where this was the case (Off Broadway is a different matter). Am I being prudish by thinking it’s absurd?

Because not only is it so, ugh, PLEBEIAN (ha, sorry!), sometimes people leave it on the ground without it being fully empty, and this happens:

Red wine is a bitch to get out, you guys.


Mean alternate ending: Maybe plowing voters with pint-sized alcohol is how Memphis secured all those Tonys?