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My, what gorgeous insides you have
March 31, 2009, 11:34 am
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SVA-professor-turned-medical-student Satre Stuelke takes CT scans of cultural ephemera to first see their inner workings, but also to create something visually arresting. With equipment time donated by the Weill Cornell Biomedical Imaging Center he scans the objects and then assigns colors to different densities, ending up with works that often don’t resemble the originals, and challenge conventional perspective.


A remotely controlled mechanical dog toy. The tail is the antenna.


A set of Russian nested dolls.


A Christmas Barbie. (Whatever that is).


6-piece chicken McNuggets.

You can see more images, videos, and submit your own idea for something to scan on Stuelke’s site, Radiology Art.

[Radiology Art]
[NYTimes– The Inner Beauty of a McNugget]