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Have you seen this ‘Stache?
April 13, 2010, 7:09 am
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So guys, terrible news. I lost ‘Stache. Or he ran away, I don’t know. I just know I’m devastated. You know when everything around you reminds you of someone that’s gone? It’s been like that and it sucks.

“Oh there’s the living room where I first met ‘Stache. That’s the song we listened to together for the first time…”

Anyway, I thought you guys should know because I know you read the blog mostly for him. Also I’ve decided to start a new feature about the places where I think ‘Stache might be. Like, for instance, he may be at a Jay-Z concert, because he tried to run away at one once:

Or he may have joined the circus, where he’s hanging out with some pretty awesome new friends:


Or he may be at a different kind of Circus, learning a new dance routine, but hopefully not falling into a bad crowd:

Bad influence.

So guys, have you seen ‘Stache?

‘Cause if you have, tell him I’m sorry. Tell him he doesn’t have to come back, that I just want him to be happy, and oh,

won’t you tell him,

that I love him.