B-Boy Limping

Janeane Garofolo and Paul F. Tompkins

at the 92YTribeca. Thursday, June 18th.



Some things I know about Janeane Garofolo:

1) You need to call a bitch if you wanna get a hold of her.  She doesn’t have an email account.
2) She doesn’t drink alcohol, but swears by the white hot chocolate at MarieBelle (which, if you look at the website, doesn’t seem to exist, but I’ll take her word for it.)

“You have to go. You have to go, where are you right now? Will you promise me at some point you’ll go to MarieBelle?”
“Okay, I will.”
Janeane: “It’s so precious it’s worth it’s weight in gold.
Promise me at some point you will find yourself over at MarieBelle’s.”
Me: “Okay, fine, I’ll go right now… Oh, I just dropped the phone.” (This actually happened.)

3) She loves Indian Row (6th St.). Also, Italian food. And,
4) She is awesome.

So like, yeah, she and I are pretty much best friends. For more with Ms. Garofolo, check out her 21 Questions.

Also, R.I.P Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins.