B-Boy Limping

Yesterday I went curling

Guys! Did you know curling was an Olympic sport?

Me neither!

But it is, and yesterday I got to try it.

Here are some pictures:

Another one to file under “random promotional events,” this one was a curling demonstration/scotch tasting with the link being that curling supposedly originated in Scotland (also, getting people tipsy and having them throw stones is obviously a great idea). Here’s Kari drinking some scotch.

The curling lane. Slippperryyyyy

Kari trying her hand at the sport (FYI, the stones are incredibly heavy),

and US Olympian (and all-around doll) Jessica Schultz showing us how it’s supposed to be done. Look at that form!

In case you’re like me and it slipped your mind, the 2010 Winter Olympics start February 11th in Vancouver. I’ll be watching now that I have someone to root for.