B-Boy Limping

Why is Taylor Hanson wearing sunglasses?

Sorry ladies, note the wedding ring.

1) He is shy.

2) He is high.

3) The lights are bright and he is waiting for just the right moment for the dramatic reveal. Also, they make him look cool and go with his outfit, a style which I have dubbed “gay sailor”. Let him serve, y’all.

I think it’s number 2.

Oh, I kid I kid (Hanson Fans please don’t hurt me) but he did keep the shades on for a majority of last night, at the final show of the summer sponsored by Paper Magazine. Remember? They were supposed to play one earlier with Drake, but then things, um, went awry.

Last night went swimmingly, however, and Taylor waited until the upbeat diddy “Give a Little,” to whip the shades off. He also fell to his knees and writhed on stage. TAYLOR.

He made me blush.

But wait! There were also other brothers. Here’s Issac, looking dapper as always. That kid should give dressing lessons:

And here’s just a little sliver of Zac, but don’t worry: he wasn’t like a disembodied head or anything. I don’t think so, anyway:

Here is the crowd making the world go “round and round and round” with their hands during “Where’s the Love”:


And here’s Taylor again, in full suspender splendor:

Right before the girls in the audience became women.