B-Boy Limping

james murphy destroys at Big Buck Hunter


From Aziz Ansari’s Twitter:

“In the finals of the annual Big Buck Hunter Championships. Reigning champ James Murphy gets ANOTHER triple buck”

I’m assuming that’s good. Also, if you ever run into Murphy at a bar and want to buy him a drink, I hear he likes Booker’s bourbon with two ice cubes and a slice of lime.

From a Blackbook Pop Quiz with Jay Rock
March 20, 2009, 10:32 am
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If you could have any super power, what would you choose?
I would be a genie because anything I want I can make it appear.

How many times a day on average do you think about sex?
If I even count how many times I think about sex this muthafucking email a be 2 long lol.. Its hard 2 say, every time I see a bad bitch I’m thinking. It can be at the mall, on TV, the studio. Anywhere I see 1 I’m thinking like dam I wish I could hit that.

Favorite Muppets/Sesame Street character?
Tha Cookie Monster, he was always about doe.