B-Boy Limping

Sweeter than a cherry pie with Reddi-Whip toppin’

The Beasties were on Jimmy Fallon last night and I have to give him props for not peeing himself, given that he said they were his favorite band and given that I would have probably lost control of bodily functions had I been in his position.  The boys are working on a new LP called Hot Sauce Committee (out this September), but they were on the talk show promoting the re-issue of 1992’s Check Your Head. Please to enjoy their performance of “So What’cha Want,” with the Roots backing. :

As cool as a cucumber in a bowl of [what?] hot sauce? Maybe there was some promotion of the new album after all.

Next re-issue: Ill Communication, out July 6th.

Probably not a surprise, but I am loving this recent influx of Beasties on my TV. See if you can spot Mike D and Ad Rock among the many celebrities in the “Kidney Now” video below, from the season finale of 30 Rock a few weeks ago:

I’m one of the drunk ones.