B-Boy Limping

“I’ve had my slinky since college.”
March 9, 2012, 8:32 am
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— Stephin Merritt

At Barnes & Noble Upstairs at the Square, with journalist Katherine Lanpher and Emma Straub (Other People We Married) who, you guys, is adorable. Also, fun fact, used to be Stephin’s assistant.

[Video here shortly.]

The night the ladies celebrated Gilbert Gottfried’s book release
April 27, 2011, 12:55 pm
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It’s called Rubber Balls and Liquor (which apparently is an an old dirty joke), and the party was last night at Carolines. Here are some pictures!

First Justine and I hung out with (okay, stood in front of) famous people:

Remind me to tell you about the time I thought Paul Schaffer complimented my tie. But actually, he didn’t. And it was awkward.

Also, not sure how many kids Caroline Rhea has, but they seemed to all be there . And they were adorable.

Then we got books signed:

Justine is so happy!

Et voila:

My only beef is that we were told there would be milkshakes and sliders (b/c that’s how Gilbert rolls), but I couldn’t figure out where they were. Maybe Caroline Rhea’s kids got to them first?

Last night I hung out with Lions
June 11, 2010, 1:24 pm
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Young Lions, that is, at the NYPL’s 10th Annual Young Lions Fiction Award ceremony, held each year to honor a writer 35 and under for a novel or collection of stories. Famous people read from the nominees’ stuff. And here they are now…

The boyz:

Host and Co-Chair Ethan Hawke reading from All the Living, by C.E. Morgan;
Mark Ruffalo reading from The Longshot by Katie Kitamura;
Josh Hamilton reading from the short story collection Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned, by Wells Tower, and
Alessandro Nivola reading from American Rust by Philipp Meyer.

The girl:

Emily Mortimer reading from The Manual of Detection by  Jedediah Berry.

The boyz looking at the girl:

Except for you, Alessandro. She’s your wife. Pay attention!

And the winner:

Wells Tower (pic TK), who was remarkably calm for just having won ten thou$$$and bucks. But maybe because he was also recently included in The New Yorker’s 20 under 40, has two Pushcart Prizes, The Paris Review‘s Plimpton Prize, and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Also,  he did New York magazine’s prestigious 21 Questions.  I guess after that, $10,000 cash money is like, nothing.

The drinkz and snackz:

Because this is my blog.

And the face:

Whoever smelt it, dealt it, Ethan.


For some reason this book crossed my path
April 9, 2010, 9:29 am
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It’s not important how. But it is, as you can guess, one in a romance series* about vampires. And I was, as you can guess, fascinated. It was on the top of my reading list until yesterday, when I saw this ad on the subway:

Reading this book on the subway may cause me to miss my stop?!? Holy crap! What’s it about?

Yessssss. That’s what I’m talking about. Now please, somebody get me this book.

(Another one in in the vampire romance series. Yes, it’s open to save a page. And again, no, it’s not important why.)

*There’s also a murder mystery or something in there as well.

Look at this fucking release party
April 1, 2010, 8:38 am
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Last night I went to Noah Garfinkel and Joe Mande’s Totally J/K comedy show at the UCB, where Wyatt Cenac and Leo Allen performed.

Also, this guy was there:

His name is BEANSSSSSS (nicknamed by Mande) and he was was consistently and inexplicably damp, but that’s another story. He was there because last night also doubled as a release party for Mande’s blog-to-book, “Look At This Fucking Hipster,” and BEANNSSSSSS is one of its STARRRSSSSSS.

A little backstory: The blog came to be after Mande’s dad visited him in Williamsburg.

‘Who were all these people?’ he asked.
‘They’re hipsters, dad.’

But there’s no, like, singular characteristic for hipsterism so his dad kept pointing at people on the street and asking “Is that a hipster? Is THAT a hipster?

Is that Asian guy a hipster? Can Asians be hipsters?”

Eventually they came up with a blog idea to help his dad out. He would put pics up of people in his hometown and folks could vote on whether the person in the pic was a hipster or not. Basically a more high-tech version of this:

But then his dad decided not to do it ’cause he lives in suburban somewhere (and not many hipsters live there, I guess), so Joe was left with the idea. And thus “Look At This Fucking Hipster” was born (which, mom and dad, is a tumblr with silly pictures and captions where YOU can figure out what a hipster is. Because I know you’re really confused right now. You can find it here). It only made it to book form because people were taking publishing meetings as the creator of the anonymous blog.

“Fuck it! Okay, it’s my blog.” said Mande. “And my fucking book deal.”

And here we are today.

Emma is wondering whether she should go to Urban Outfitters and buy the book:

Because the whole thing got her thinking:

We’ll let her figure it out.


Claude, the ‘Stache, and the bookstore
December 30, 2009, 8:37 pm
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My week of Wes Anderson (so far)
November 11, 2009, 3:29 pm
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Oh guys, it’s been a crazy past week or so. The New York Comedy Festival was in town through Sunday, and that played a major part in keeping me busy (and in stitches. Also, it is hilarious and sad that Tracy Morgan’s “filthy” routine at Carnegie Hall  qualified as a news story.)

But Comedy Fest aside, you know who else is hi-larious? These guys, together:


Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach at the NYPL, discussing their upcoming stop-motion animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox, based on the Roald Dahl novel. They co-wrote the script.

Wes Anderson currently spends most of his time in Paris, so this week he’s in New York doing blitz promotion for the film, which comes out here this Friday. The NYPL event marked the beginning of a full week and we were lucky that 1) he wasn’t already tired of telling stories about the movie and 2) that he and Baumbach made such a dynamic pair. Seriously, they should do all interviews together.  Having Baumbach next to him made Anderson more relaxed, and we not only experienced more of his personality quirks than we would in a straight interview, but we came out with some interesting anecdotes.

You can read one story about a scene that didn’t make it in to the movie here.

Another story from the night, on writing at Roald Dahl’s home Gipsy house :
Anderson: It was Roald Dahl’s widow, Felicity Dahl, who invited us to work [at Gipsy house]. We met his grandson Luke, Luke Kelly, who showed us, in the sort of billiards room where they had all of his archives, and we started sorting through that stuff.

Baumbach: That was incredible, it was all these pads of things, even just like ideas, like, a good line for somebody to say in something. The things that never made it in..

A: One thing that was very pornographic that Luke flipped to and showed us,

B: … he was just like “You gotta look at this one”

A: It was just like a little poem, just a sentence. Do you remember what it was?

B: I don’t remember. I just remember it being– you would think in that context anything even slightly racy would be shocking, but this was totally pornographic.

A: I remember it but I don’t think I can say it. Maybe later in the.. after we warm up.

B: At the reception, maybe.

The poem? (Mom and dad, cover your eyes):


“What she needs is a belly full of hot cock.”

Roald Dahl! But maybe he was talking about a woman who was hungry for some chicken?

And last but not least a tale from Anderson, where he recounted something he said in response to a reporter who seemed to hate all his work. I like Baumbach’s response:
A: It was very clear, every question was negative… I didn’t quite express to him that I cannot have an objective conversation to my response to things people don’t like about my work. I did say to him, ‘If I were Oliver Stone, you would have a broken jaw by now. You’re just lucky it’s just me.’ ”

B: That’s a good meta way to punch somebody.

You can hear full audio of the night here. Worth listening if just to hear Anderson’s hiccupy laugh (it’s sort of adorable).

After the talk I went to a lovely reception for Anderson and Baumbach, where they spent the night very close to the exit, most likely for an easy getaway.  I’m thinking  it’s probably because they wanted to catch up after not seeing each other for 2 years, and not, of course, because they didn’t want to mingle with a room full of press and Young Lions.



Okay, last night. Before the movie’s premiere party  Anderson popped up again, this time at the 92YTribeca with Jason Schwartzman, who is in Fantastic Mr. Fox,  and some interviewer from Entertainment Weekly:


Some things I learned from the evening (I’ll make it quick):

* When searching for the main character in Rushmore, they were looking for a “young Mick Jagger.” Schwartzman showed up in a school blazer, complete with crest.

*There was a part written for Schwartzman in The Royal Tenenbaums, that ended up being “superfluous.” It  a boy that lived across the street from the family, who escaped from his boarding school in Switzerland and was secretly living in the attic of his diplomat parents. He was named Mortechai. They cut the story out and replaced him with a bird.

*Schwartzman has no plans to tour with Coconut Records at the moment, but he would do it if he could get a band together. Drummer suggestion: John Stamos.

So, now you know some stuff. If you want to know more, ask tomorrow tonight, as Anderson will be at the Apple Store in Soho with Schwartzman and Meryl Streep (!).

[The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie site]

Last night I watched two strangers make out


Well, one of them is a stranger. The other is Stephen Elliott, author of The Adderall Diaries. This is what he chose to do for his public risk at the Happy Ending Music and Reading Series last night at Joe’s Pub. Because really, there’s nothing like a make out session with a random person in the audience to cleanse the palate after reading aloud about convicted murderers.

This was a risky choice, but I think it worked out well for both Stephen and the young lady who eagerly volunteered to make it happen.

Actually, it may have been a little too well, if you catch my drift.

Dear Justine, I am sorry
October 2, 2009, 7:54 am
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I tried to stay long enough to get you something signed at the Kevin Smith Q&A last night, but the line was toooo loooooonnnggg…

And I was hungrrrryyyyyy…

So here’s a picture instead,


and a bit from his new book of SModcasts, Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith:

If we were a jellyfish-eating world, I’d be fine. A jellyfish does not have a brain or a spine. I still don’t understand how a jellyfish works. I was at the aquarium with the kid and I read something like “the jellyfish has no brain, no heart, no spine.” I’m like “The jellyfish is like me!” But I have those things, but in theory I’m spineless and heartless and brainless. But this thing literally has—how does that fucking thing exist?

I ask myself that same thing every day.

Paul Banks is… Julian Plenti
September 29, 2009, 8:15 am
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Guys, did you know that Paul Banks was dating 1990s supermodel Helena Christiensen? She was in the audience last Friday for the debut Julian Plenti performance at the Guggenheim’s second “It Came From Brooklyn” night. Also performing were Eugene Mirman, authors Rivka Galchen and Hampton Fancher, and musical acts I’m In You (dirty!) and also in the audience was Carlos D. and a guy I thought was Thurston Moore, but turned out to be one of the waiters.


In case you weren’t aware, Julian Plenti is the solo side-project/alter-ego of Paul Banks, lead singer of Interpol. I’ve been describing his album Julian Plenti… is Skyscraper as Interpol-lite but really, it’s difficult for Banks to distance himself from the NYC band, distinguishing voice that he has. He hit all my favorites at the Guggenheim gig: “Fly As You Might,” “Unwind,” and “Girl on the Sporting News” and that made me so happy that at first I didn’t even notice the glaring omission of “Games For Days,” the song he released and made a sexy sexy video with Emily Haines for. Weird, ’cause his catalog is rather tiny…

Anyway, this is the vid:

See for yourself if he plays it next time because Julian Plenti is currently on tour.