B-Boy Limping

Axl’s hats

At the Guns n’ Roses gig at Hiro Ballroom last night.

Black Hat

camera phones.

White Hat


No Hat


[Set list]


Last Night Luke Jenner crawled all over the furniture at Rose Bar

Maybe because his wife doesn’t let him do it at home? You know, bad example for the kid and whatnot.

Devising his plan

Hoppin’ on the drum kit

“Con…cen… trate…”

Andruzzi break!

“It’s nice up here!”

“I bet the view’s even better if I stand up.”

“Watch out for the candles!”

[Check out their new vid for “In the Grace of Your Love here, featuring some fly dance moves.]
[Rose Bar]

Das Racist + Carnegie Hall =

At the Tibet House Benefit concert tonight.

Also apparently this happened:

Fred Armisen, again
February 13, 2012, 7:48 am
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Because that dude is everywhere. Not that I’m complaining.  It’s nice to see someone be such an unabashed fan of something, anything, in New York, the home of “I KNOW YOU’RE COOL BUT WHAT AM I?”  With Armisen, it’s music.

Here is is last night his Union Pool residency, doing one-man covers of his favorite songs (it involves a lot of looping):


He’ll be there again on February 26. And he takes suggestions.

Husband Hunting: The Professional Bullriding Tournament, Day 2

At Madison Square Garden this weekend.

Guys, look at all the cowboys!  And such gentlemen.  Not one minute after we walked in, two lads in tight jeans offered to get us drinks from the open bar.

But they made it too easy.  I need a chase. First I had my eye on this vision in blue:

But he was way more into his beer than me.

Then this stud caught my eye:

But I think he was with the lady next to him (or dude behind him). Either way, he was taken.

This guy was too all about business:

And this dude just wanted to joust:

This guy’s built Ford tough (and you need to be, to put up with me, amirite fellas?), so he could totally work…

But. You guys. I think above all I need someone that can make me laugh. Someone that doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Someone that can dance:

And can help me with my makeup:

Maybe I found him?

Drinkin’ with Jonathan

At the Brooklyn Inn tonight:

1) Jonathan Ames, buying drinks for fans at a wake for his recently-canceled series Bored to Death:

2) Heather Burns (Leah), and Ajay Naidu (Vikram) who, fun fact, are engaged. (Pretty shitty engagement present, HBO.):

3) John Hodgman (follow the blurry ‘stache):

4) and a sea of sad Ames fans who all sort of look the same:

Don’t cry, sea of sad Ames fans who all sort of look the same. Apparently there’s talks of a BTD movie in the future.

Silver lining!

Husband Hunting: Hurricane Irene Edition
August 28, 2011, 6:50 pm
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Some folks think a hurricane is the perfect time to find a hurricane boyfriend, but I need more than someone to make out with when I’m stuck in my borough. I need someone to protect me from falling tree branches:

Or provide for me when all the bread is gone from the grocery store:


I need a Hurricane Husband.

So, today I went out looking for one in Astoria Park. And I found some good candidates!

I like this guy ’cause he’s a daredevil. But he’s too much of a loner.

This guy has a sweet ride. Which he’s using to get away from me.

The one in the red is hot, but he’s always with his bros.

Never mind, because I think I found my winner:

Because, duh. He has his own boat.