B-Boy Limping

Sheep went to the Cosmic Opera

Headlined by Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell, last night at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Sadly, though, he was woefully underdressed (some would say naked).  But he picked up some good fashion tips!

Like when all else fails, go neon. Either with glasses:

Or socks/t-shirt/shoelaces:


Or a vest that you stole off a crossing guard. (This one might be a little difficult for sheep to get. ‘Cuz he’s not very big, see.):

He could also try a mask. Either a feathery one:

Or something more Phantom -like (side note: that dude was in a full tux):

If he wanted to go fancier he could rock a gold cape:

Some glowing earrings…:

Or maybe just a tutu. He’s got a couple of those lying around, actually:

Sartorial choices of the audience aside, there were  some cool visuals that were actually part of the production. Like the lights:

Aerialists (who made out and made the Jersey boys sooo happpppppyyy):

And Axwell:

Missing from the night: the promised “plot” of the opera. But that didn’t stop Sheep from staying about five hours to *dance* *dance* *dance*, which was still sadly not long enough to see the simulated snowfall (also, poor poor Jon Pareles of the Times. He sounds so tired).

But no worries: he’s pretty sure he’ll go to the next one. He’s already starting to stock up on accessories:

Still needed: neon things. Also, things that that light up and/or glow-in-the dark. Donations accepted.

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