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Husband Hunting, pt. 3
August 10, 2011, 4:57 pm
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At the Horrors show at Webster Hall last night, which coincided with the release of their latest Skying.

First I went for the lead singer, because, duh:

But he was so moody, ya know?

So then I looked to the  drummer, because they’re very good with rhythm,  and that is appealing.

But I couldn’t  get behind the hat.

So then I thought, maybe the bass player?

Nah…  I think I’d rather just borrow his wardrobe.

But wait, how could I miss this dude? And his hair!

Such pretty hair. I think I’d be into it more than him.

So then my eyes wandered off the stage, over to Justine, behind Justine, to Nick Zinner of the YYYs…

But he seemed a little shy. I mean, can you even tell it’s him?

Back on track, I decided I needed someone that took some pride in their appearance. Someone who could easily pass for an accountant if need be, and fool my parents.

Someone preferably who could play the tambourine.

Guys, maybe I found him?


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But is he cool with you carrying Nick’s baby?

Comment by Sasha

Wait. What? That’s YOU.

Comment by bboylimping

Always go for the keyboardist/tambourine player. Ask Jen. Did you know the bassist’s name is Spiderwebb? I LOVE their music. I HATE their stage antics. How’s the new album? I want to hear it!

Comment by James Wu

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