B-Boy Limping

Erin and Ryan had a wedding

And it was so great, you guys.

The lovely bride:



Boys, if you want to score points with the woman you are eventually going to marry (and/or just make every other dude look soooo baddd), make her flowers:

Like, from scratch, on like your second date (I know, right? WHAT? I can’t even handle it):

Headin’ out to the first dance:

And where I was for most of the afternoon:

Congrats you two! You made me cry but really, it’s cool. I had something in my eye that needed to get out anyway.

Los Angeles, 6/25/2011


Remind me to tell you about the time we tried to tie James’s bow tie using instructions from the internet but it didn’t work (they were too harrrdddd) so then we asked all the old guys we could find but none of them knew so then we asked the tailor across the street but they didn’t know but they directed James to “Frank” next door and Frank turned out to be the gay dude who worked at the hairdresser but he didn’t know either, but the older lady whose hair he was shampooing did and she was the one that eventually tied James’s tie.

Really, don’t forget to remind me. It’s pretty absurd.

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