B-Boy Limping

Last week I visited lady liberty
July 4, 2011, 10:48 am
Filed under: New York, Weird Science

She’s got, like, a whole island. Baller!

And she’s a fun lady, too. Here she is looking good while she backs that azz up:

And here’s Justine wondering, “How can I be fly like this lady? Should I start with a toga?

Hm, it would be comfortable… ”

Did you know? The actual name for the statue is “Liberty Enlightening the World” and sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi is rumored to have based the face on his mother and the body on his wife. Creepy!

Not (as) creepy is this  barge set up to shoot off fireworks tonight:

And the little tugboat, Susan Miller, that came along with it.

It’s an unusual (read: really bland) name for a boat. Like they actually thought “I’m either gonna call it the Flying Dragon, or Susan Miller. I just don’t know, man.”

But who is this Susan Miller that eventually won out over the Flying Dragon? Is it the owner’s wife? Mistress? Mom? Is it referring to the Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer whose interests are “sailing (!), gardening and travel and, of course, reading”?

Nah, there is only one Susan Miller prescient enough to warrant a tugboat named after her. And she of course is the mistress of  Astrologyzone (like you  you don’t read it every month. Don’t even front.).

Makes sense: I hear tugboat owners are super into getting their charts read.

Happy Fourth you guys!


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