B-Boy Limping

Husband hunting, pt. 2
March 14, 2011, 11:06 am
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So, as I’m sure my mother’s told all of you, I’m in the market for a husband. She thinks he should be mature and have a good job and all that, but I just want him to have a good appetite. Because I love to cook! If you know me, you know that’s definitely true.

So guys, it was amazing when I saw these for sale in my local tuck shop. How serendipitous!

They are delicious and raspberry. For sure, no man could resist. And of course, he would love me for giving it to him.

So I put on my pearls and laid it out, and sure enough, it attracted someone…

…a MAN someone…

But then he ate it and it was gone. And before I knew it, so was he.

Sorry mom! Maybe next time I’ll put a sedative in it. That should work, right?

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