B-Boy Limping

Last night I saw Cee Lo Green…
November 12, 2010, 9:15 am
Filed under: Hey Ladieesss!, Music, New York, oy oy oy

…at the W Hotel. It was a private function of sorts, and I’m pretty sure a lot of the folks there had no idea who he was (we actually overheard someone explaining it to her date. “He’s this rapper, now he’s more R&B/soul ……..”)

Cape on.

Cape off.

But it was fine, whatever, the old white men were the reason it was  happening. With free alcohol. Cee Lo played his album The Lady Killer and even though most people had only heard “Fuck You” (Or “Fox News” if you saw the Colbert segment), feet were shuffling. Heads were bopping. One old white man had his hands covering his ears but he kept moving towards the stage. (How does that work?) Because of this:


“We’re gonna have a good time tonight!”

“With my awesome lady band!”

“But first I gotta take my glasses off so I can get a good look at ya.”

“Yeaaaahhhh. That’s good.”


“I dunno C, are you really a lady killer?”


“Okay, let’s go!”


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