B-Boy Limping

At the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

Everyone tries to figure out where the smell is coming from…

Patrick Borelli, Mike Birbiglia, Sarah Vowell, Eugene Mirman, and Michael Showalter at the Q&A portion of “Mike Birbiglia Interviews a Bunch of Sort of Authors and Sarah Vowell” Saturday at the Bell House.

… but Vowell really couldn’t care less about smells…

(The one-on-one interviews were amazing but during the Q&A one question from the audience actually was “How do you write comedy?” This is why you can’t give us nice things.)

… and in the end Eugene Mirman just gives up and makes a funny face.

[a book by Sarah. She is smart.]
[a book by Patrick. He is funny.]
[Showalter has one coming out in February. He did not approve of the title.]
[Mirman did one a while back]
[look for Birbiglia’s in October. It’ll be hard to miss.]

[Comedy Fest]

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