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Two things I learned at Brooklyn Bowl last night
September 7, 2010, 6:00 am
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1) Trim your fingernails before you go bowling, and

2) Big Boi is really little. Aw.

So yeah, Stan, Dan, and I went to the BK Bowl last night to see us a rap show. We got there early and bowled a couple rounds:

Then Big Boi a.k.a Daddy Fat Sax came out and killed it for about an hour.

It was mostly old stuff, surprisingly. The chunk of new stuff was thrown into a medley in the middle, with a sick “General Patton” beginning, which faked me out, ’cause I got super excited for the whole thing and then it didn’t come.

Why you gotta leave me hanging, Big Boi?

But he did end the show with a full “You Ain’t No DJ. “Yelawolf joined him on stage for his guest part, and the ladies went wild.

(No joke.)

Apparently Big Boi’s son was on stage for a little bit but he was so tiny that I didn’t see his little hat bobbing up and down until the end. But from what I saw he did have some sweet dance moves.

And Dan pointed out that there was a video made for every song, some higher quality than others. But they were projected on a screen towards the back of the venue, facing the stage. So really, the only folks that could see them were Big Boi and his crew. But it was a nice touch anyway. I GUESS.

Ladies, you like?

Also, anyone else think it was a strange venue for Big Boi’s only NYC appearance? I mean, props to his crossover appeal, and I do enjoy high-end bowling and pitchers of margarita, but he definitely could have sold out a bigger venue. And it was hilarious the way the crew kept saying “Brooklyyyyn,” all hard and shit. Because and while that’s technically true, it’s  Williamsburg. A few blocks away from Bedford Avenue. Decidedly not hard and shit. And the pretty homogeneous crowd reflected that.

Also also, I broke a nail. Bowling!

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