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On fandom and Vincent D’Onofrio
August 1, 2010, 9:29 pm
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Guys, I miss being a fan.

I miss having posters on my wall, trying to be the tenth caller so I can get tickets to a concert, buying magazines because that awesome actor is on the cover.

I miss the excitement.

Luckily I had the opportunity to re-capture it a couple of weeks ago, with this guy:

Oh wait, not that guy, that’s VJ extraordinaire Matt Pinfield, (the OG of music fans).

I mean this guy:

Vincent D’Onofrio. Yessssssssss.

About seven or eight years ago I went through a HUGE Vincent D’Onofrio phase. There was no poster on my wall, but there was a t-shirt and a nickname: Donna Frio.

[No actual reason for or purpose to the nickname; I just like saying it. Try it!]

Guys, I even watched Mystic Pizza. It was serious.

He’s so attentive.

Anyway I can’t really explain the attraction, except that dude is crazy weird and that’s awesome. I grew out of the phase but for no other reason than time passed. He’s still always in my heart, ya know?

And that’s where the event comes in.

Note the shiny shiny suit.

Vincent is a character actor, and apparently he sometimes plays a boisterous singing cowboy called “George Geronimo Gerkie”. George performed a couple of Thursdays ago at Joe’s Pub to benefit the Heroes Health Project, a foundation that provides detox help to firefighters, policemen, and other uniformed personnel that suffer as a result of toxic exposure in the line of duty. Thursday was specifically dedicated to personnel exposed to meth.

You can say Vincent/George is a “fan” of the Meth Cops project.

George is actually not a a bad singer, with amazing intensity. He’s also tells pretty good stories like the one about Jesus his gay little person car mechanic. George didn’t “have anything against homosexuals,” in fact he told Jesus “Anything you can catch with those little legs, fine.”

Then he sang “It’s Raining Men.”


Okay, it was hokey but his heart was in the right place. Afterward D’Onofrio did a meet-and-greet with the fans that bought premium tix to the benefit, and Ben Foster showed up with a lovely young lady. They R Friendz:

Whoa, as I was writing this Law and Order: Criminal Intent came on in the background. Weird! I think I’m gonna keep watching.

And for y’all, one last pic:


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Nice post about the recent event at Joe’s Pub…if you want to come back into the fold, you’re more than welcome to come visit my site!

Comment by Vinnie Vidi Vici

YOu could pop over to mine, too, life-and-vincent.blogspot.com

He’s a real phenomenon. Nantz (above) and I are not the only ones nuts for him. Diane of The Valentine Cat blog went from the UK to the US to meet and greet him.

Comment by Val

Thanks for the post! I re-blogged some of the photos at my Ben Foster fan blog.

Comment by Ben Foster Tumblr

Oh, yes I too have a Vincent blog.
Can you really ever have too much Vincent? never.
I would have loved to have been able to see him at Joe Pubs. I’ve heard it was fabulous. I see you managed to capture a few pictures. Excellent.

Comment by Beverly

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