B-Boy Limping

Last night I went to a Tupperware party…

…and this was the first thing I saw when the elevators opened:

Yes, she’s a mermaid. And yes, she’s painted green.

Behind the curtain of water (yes, the curtain of water) there was this guy:

It was, to quote the invitation, a “seaside wonderland made of Tupperware.” And needless to say, I was totally into it.

Tupperware throws these from time to time to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club, and invites famous folks to host them. Last night’s host was Jane Krakowski, who was also celebrating the release of her CD, The Laziest Gal in Town.

Here’s the lovely Ms. Krakowski:

And here’s her new album:

Also on deck was Food Network Chef Stuart O’Keeffe, who is also apparently the official spokesperson for Tupperware:

Again to quote the invite: “This is not your mother’s Tupperware Party.” I am not sure what that means because my mom never threw Tupperware parties. I do know that this dude made the amazing hors d’oeuvres: little truffled tuna tartare bites, steak with romano cheese, some other things… and this is something my mom rarely does. Well okay, never does.

Then Jane and Stuart did something with the Tupperware, but I’m not sure what. It looked like fun, though, and vaguely inappropriate:

Tupperware’s name was branded all over the place, from the swimsuits (yes, swimsuits) of the bartenders and waitresses, to beach bags, to their variety of product.   This however, was undoubtedly my favorite spot:

Unfortunately, he didn’t come in the giftbag.

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That’s why you bring your own gift bags.

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