B-Boy Limping

I got this in the mail yesterday…
June 25, 2010, 1:13 pm
Filed under: oy oy oy, sometimes i like to do things with dolls

(the picture, not the doll… god I WISH)

…as part of a press release for an Andrew W.K. “Throbblehead,” doll, created as merch for the Warped Tour.

Guys, did you know this was a thing? You probably did.  But it’s been a while since I’ve hit up a merch table.

It got me curious, though. What other musicians had awesome bobbleheads, (or “Throbbleheads”, as in Mr. W.K’s case)?

Obviously there’s your Classics. Your Jim Morrison:

He will stare at you until your clothes come off.

Your Hendrix:

He is concentrating on that sweet rifffff.

And your Elvis (and the rarely-seen Square-Headed Elvis):

I got nothing.

Then there’s your Classic Classics, your Beethovens and such:

So alone.

And your Modern Classics,  your Andrew W.K.s, your ‘N Syncs …

JT looks like a homeless person.

Etc., etc., etc.,

But then guys, then there’s THIS:

Which is especially appropriate today, June 25th, the anniversary of MJ’s death.

And also appropriate because I think I should own it.



So who’s gonna get it for me?

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