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Last night I tried to see a Drake and Hanson concert
June 16, 2010, 7:13 am
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But it didn’t actually happen. And not because it sounds like I just made it up (it’s like something out of my dreams!), but because of all the fans. I think.

They came in droves, to the South Street Seaport, some smelling vaguely of weed.

“Drake, Drake, Drake,” they chanted softly, ominously. “We want to see Drake.”

A few arrived for Hanson, but they quickly left, hyperventilating.

“I want to get out of here!” one little girl sobbed, red-faced, clutching her Betsy Wetsy to her chest. “Mommy, I just want …to … goooooooooo.”

But she couldn’t go. Nobody could. They were trapped on all sides. The VIP tent was forced to drink their own urine and play hand clapping games.

What was happening? Where was the music? Openers and brave souls Ninjasonik explained that the NYPD had shut the free show down, for explicit reasons yet unknown (although the broken Hanson mixing board might have something to do with it).

But the crowd wasn’t having it.  Or they didn’t hear the announcement. They climbed on roofs, they threw Snapple bottles and metal chairs. They started smelling even more like weed. They wouldn’t take no for an answer.

This was Drake! Cute Canadian rapper/ ex-Degrassi actor! “Biggest rapper in the world” right now (according to some music writers that are blinded by their girl-crushes)! Popular before even having an album!

Oh, and this was the day of his debut album release.

So we did what any sane people would do: we got the hell out of there.  Not too far, though, I wanted to see how it would play out.We ducked into the Seaport mall and emerged a few hours later to some straight-up Bieber shit:

Drake also apparently showed up, and tweeted about it. He was “dissapointed” about how it all went down:

And all was not lost. Later, I did see this kid:

He’s rigged a subwoofer onto a handtruck and attached it to an iPod. Like a  modern-day boombox. Genius!

I’ma try that at home.

Until next time…

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I have a small bruise from the Snapple bottle that hit me on the hip. When are you gonna post pics of the Barbie knockoff??

Comment by Erin C.

Yeah, my friends and I were part of the sane crowd that left before any of this occurred. We did see ‘developing news’ as we watched the games at a sports bar though.

People need to learn to be more respectful of one another seriously!

Comment by decidida74

[…] Oh, I kid I kid (Hanson Fans please don’t hurt me) but he did keep the shades on for a majority of last night, at the final show of the summer sponsored by Paper Magazine. Remember? They were supposed to play one earlier with Drake, but then things, um, went awry. […]

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