B-Boy Limping

A story
June 6, 2010, 7:10 pm
Filed under: Nature!, sometimes i like to do things with dolls

One sweltering summer day, MJ decided to cool himself with a visit to the lake.

“What can I do?” He wondered.

“I know! I’ll take a swim!”

But his plans were thwarted by the imposing signage.

“No swimming?!? What will I do now???”

MJ was distraught. Here he was, all alone, wearing a red leather outfit in the hot hot heat (geez, that’s your own fault, MJ), and with nothing to keep him occupied. He didn’t even bring a notebook to journal in!

Or the latest Vogue!

Then he heard rustling in the leaves.

“Hey! Who’s there!?” He asked, leaning slightly to the right.

“Hello, it’s me! The Travelocity gnome. I’m out scouting for places to stay.”

“You’re scouting out places at the lake?” Michael threw his arms up in disbelief.

“But there are no hotels here!”

“I know!” said the gnome. But we also have many squirrel clients. I’m looking for places for them.”

“Ah. Places like this hollow tree stump I’m sitting on?”

“Places EXACTLY like that hollow tree stump you’re sitting on. Yay, I’m done!

But now I’m stuck here all day until my driver picks me up. Whatever will I do to pass the time?”

Michael, sensing an opportunity, suggested

“Maybe we can have a picnic.”

And that is how Michael Jackson met his friend the Travelocity gnome.


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