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New York (and camera) I Lurrrve You
May 24, 2010, 5:40 pm
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So, you may be wondering why there’s been a dearth of posts lately. There’s a simple explanation: a couple of weekends ago, after a pretty sweet Patti Smith concert where there was an open bar, my purse decided to take a cab ride by itself. Phone was like “Hey! Let’s go to the Statue of Liberty!” And digital tape recorder was like “Yeah! Then we can get Pinkberry! iPod was indifferent because it pretty much lives in its own head but camera–yes, my beloved camera– was also totally into it.

I can only conclude that they were all drunk.

(Why is it that everything I love always leaves me?)

Anyway I’ve been depressed, plus I have no camera, so eh, I haven’t been really into posting stuff. But last week’s LCD Soundsystem concert was so amazing that it cannot be overlooked. They played four nights at Terminal 5 and at least for the first and second night (Friday, the show I attended), they ended with a spectacular version of “New York, I Love You” that segued into Jay-Z’s ““Empire State of Mind,” then back again, ending with


(That one was for you, Oriana, and any other Ludacris/Nicki Minaj fans out there.)

The magic was too much for a plain ol’ digital camera,* so I wouldn’t have done it justice on my own anyway. But, my parents check this blog to see if I’m alive, so I need to post something.  So heeeeere’s video:

*I’m sorry camera! I’m just upset. Come hoooooommmmeeee 😦

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Pinkberry wannabes are sprouting within Austin city limits. Bah.

I miss you.

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