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So, I’m not usually the type to find myself on a party bus…
May 13, 2010, 12:20 pm
Filed under: Music, New York, Weird Science

But last night I found myself on a party bus. Here it is:

Oh, party ride, sorry. Party ride. Big difference. I mean, would a party bus have:

1) Bottles of champagne

2) a stripper pole in the middle, and

3) Erin?

Actually, yes.  Especially the Erin part. She’s always on party buses.

But guys, what am I doing? This is a serious case of what we call “burying the lede.”

We took the “party ride” last night to Music Hall of Williamsburg, for a Ray Ban party celebrating the re-launch of their aviator sunglasses. You know, these:

It was sort of a private event, with random famous/soicalitey/media folks. These guys were on our bus, but then at the venue I spotted Kelly Osbourne, Keith from We are Scientists, Chloë Sevigny, Donald from The Virgins (who performed), and one of the chicks from School of Seven Bells. I guess I’m only good at identifying musicians. And Chloë Sevignys.

And David Frickes:

He is happy.

Ugh, but guys, I’m doing it again. The REAL reason we went through all of this (besides the fact that I was hoping to get a free pair of sunglasses, which I DIDN’T), was for Iggy Pop & the Stooges, who headlined the shamelessly corporate gig.

Vest on.

Vest off.

Close-up vest off.

He invited folks up for a song:

And he stage dove  a few times, and unlike that flub at Carnegie Hall, this time people caught him. And he even surfed a little. I don’t have pictures, unfortunately, but I do have a shot of the Virgins:

Free Energy performed too, but we missed ’em ’cause the party bus got us there too late.

Sigh… party bus.

(Party bus!)

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