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These are Lauren Bush’s bags
May 9, 2010, 9:00 am
Filed under: Hey Ladieesss!

That is, the Guatemala bags from her FEED project, created in conjunction with the U.N. World Food Program. These particular bags were handmade by the Nest women artisans in Guatemala and benefit UNICEF’s nutrition programs in the country, which has the highest percentage of chronically malnourished children in Latin America.  You can buy your own at Lord & Taylor and online if you feel like doing good and need a new summer tote.

I think I knew Lauren Bush was into fashion (as a model and a designer), but I had no idea she was socially conscious, probably because I never paid attention to her before. Now that I have, though, I really like her. Is that weird? And not because she provided us with delicious food and drinks (including an incredible cucumber mojito. Whaaa?!?)…

All gone.

…but because, unlike some other spokespeople, she was knowledgeable and passionate about her cause, which, unlike some other causes, was actually worthwhile.

Plus, she had awesome shoes:

Creepy leg shot (she’s on the left)

Here’s Lauren with one of her bags. Note how she skillfully displays the label:

And here’s Erin after we cleared the room. (What can we say, we really liked those cucumber mojitos):


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