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Last night I went to a Hanson concert…
April 27, 2010, 7:49 am
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…and I don’t really know why. It’s not like I ever listened to them growing up, so I can’t blame it on nostalgia. And while their upcoming album Shout it Out is pop-excellent (pexcellent?– trust me, it’s good. Here’s a taste), they weren’t even doing anything from it last night.

No, they’re playing five sold-0ut shows at the Gramercy Theater, each night a different album in its entirety, leading to the premiere of the new album on Friday. But last night? Last night was  Middle of Nowhere night. A.k.a MMMBop night. And yeah, I went.

Which leads me to conclude that Hanson has magical powers.

Like, I scoffed when I saw this sign in the lobby:

But then I saw the fans. Almost all chicks (duh) and not so much the crowd-surfing type, but impossibly enthusiastic, like they all won a radio contest to be there. Like they were planning to attend all five shows and planned vacations around it. When Taylor asked who was from out of town, I swear everyone but my date and I cheered.

This girl made tribute earrings:

And watching the band, you can see the draw. First of all, they’re incredibly precise performers. But then you see those eyes– so bright. Those smiles–so relentless. They’re just so… good. So… pure. It’s possible I was hoping they would rub off on me.

My one qualm about the night:  while I coulda used a beer, it seemed blasphemous to be drinking tall cans of Bud Light or whatever while at this show. But people were. And that was strange.

After the encore:

Those lights are from heaven.

And some closing words of wisdom:

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Dude. I wonder if that girl will make me a pair of earrings for N’Sync’s reunion tour (whenever that happens).

Comment by Resalin

Backstreet Boys are touring this summer. Just sayin’.

Comment by bboylimping

Yes, magic

Comment by hansonrock

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