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So Janelle Monáe’s show on Friday was crazy, y’all
April 11, 2010, 3:21 pm
Filed under: Music, New York

But after a couple of days, I think I’ve recovered.

I shoulda known something was going down after she tweeted this:

Because, well, Joe’s Pub is a small place. A little too small to hold the gigantic spirit of some of the performers booked there.

So after an opening act of The 54, a straight-up rock band from Atlanta who gave it their all to a bunch of folks eating salmon or whatever (the salmon was delicious by the way)…

… we got this cardboard cutout manning the stage until the main event…

…which was dubbed an “emotion picture,” complete with histrionics and high-steppin’ shoes:

Monáe’s dancing is a revelation, you guys. I’m posting the video from the single “Tightrope” below so you can check it out yourself. Sometimes it seems like her legs aren’t attached to the rest of her body. Amazing.

She played songs from the Metropolis EP and her upcoming album The ArchAndroid, which holds up fine sans theatrics (maybe even better–jury’s still out though), but at least  there were no Mirror Men this time. Oh god, those MIRROR MEN. Remember?

There was this awesome dude backing her:

And dancer types with masks on who went into the audience and pulled folks out of their seats:

And, as always, our  sci-fi heroine looked lovely:

By the end most of the crowd were doing their own high-steppin’, and Monáe proved that no inconvenient venue setup could constrain her. If they could, I wouldn’t have been able to get this shot:

Which was taken when she was, um, standing on my table.


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