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For some reason this book crossed my path
April 9, 2010, 9:29 am
Filed under: Reading is fun

It’s not important how. But it is, as you can guess, one in a romance series* about vampires. And I was, as you can guess, fascinated. It was on the top of my reading list until yesterday, when I saw this ad on the subway:

Reading this book on the subway may cause me to miss my stop?!? Holy crap! What’s it about?

Yessssss. That’s what I’m talking about. Now please, somebody get me this book.

(Another one in in the vampire romance series. Yes, it’s open to save a page. And again, no, it’s not important why.)

*There’s also a murder mystery or something in there as well.

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The synopsis alone would make me miss my stop: “By day, Valerie Cooper, Dierdra Dawson, and Foxy Brown assist their husbands, all partners at the law firm Brown, Cooper, and Dawson. But at night, they become Vanilla Cream, Cherry Cream, and Sugar Cream, and run an upscale swingers club called Creamé. Their clientele include everyone from judges, lawyers, politicians, and police officers, to soccer moms and housewives. Business is booming at the hottest club in town. Until the police chief extends an indecent proposal to Foxy: sleep with him, or go to jail. With the whole town standing behind Creamé (and not just because they all happen to be clients), the women must decide whether to stand together and fight, or risk losing their business.”

Comment by Erin C.

I’M a professional woman who understands her sexual power! Send my way when done please.

Comment by Resalin Rago

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