B-Boy Limping

last night I saw a bunch of dudes in skirts…
April 6, 2010, 11:43 pm
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…including Al Roker:

It wasn’t so bad, actually: Al’s got some gams. Here he is from behind:


He was walking the runway at M2 UltraLounge for the annual Dressed to Kilt fashion show hosted by Sean Connery’s Friends of Scotland nonprofit group. Sir Connery was unfortunately not dressed to kilt (maybe he didn’t shave?), but was instead dapper in all black. He ruined the effect tho,  when he old-man danced.

Here’s some other non-kilt-wearers backstage before the show:

(Typical: Robert Verdi’s the life of the party, Nigel Barker’s surrounded by beautiful women, and Trump’s looking for a way to get the hell out of there.)

And out front even though Sir Connery wasn’t in a skirt, there were a bunch of other dudes that were,  including that dude Joan Jett, whose mohawk was fantastic:

I’m not sure what the goal was of the people walking, but I think it was to get the most points or something, because the judges were keeping score. Here’s blurry Mike Myers trying to get points with charm and a Superman t-shirt:

And here’s Kyle Maclachlan looking soooo Trey (am I right ladies?), Alan Cumming who was handsome as always, and Matthew Modine, who for some reason was dressed like a paperboy and carrying a bicycle. He was also half in the bag on Glenfiddich, one of the evening’s sponsors:

Later in the evening we got the esteemed Sam Waterston, who seemed secure in his skirt…

…but  was still curious about what Kyle was packing:


And Marcus Shenkenberg, who caused the virile men behind me to gasp with pleaure (“Shenkenberg!”):

The men behind me had commentary for everyone, from Kelly Pickler (“Oh, would you look at that tiny waist,”) to Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon (“Kelly BENSIMON!?! That’s it: we have to come back next year”).

They were stunned  silent, however,  by these acrobatic young men. I can’t imagine why…

It must be because they’re soooo… Scottish.

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You forgot the mince pies!

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They are in my heart.

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