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Last night I tried to see a Temper Trap Concert
April 3, 2010, 9:42 am
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but Webster Hall was the most packed I’ve ever seen it, and it was impossible to view the stage.

It was filled with these people:

And by “these people” I guess I mean young people? (Man, that makes me sound old.) But specifically, kids that looked like they escaped from a frat party somewhere. Or possibly an after football-game party (do people have those?)

All for the Temper Trap? I thought. Really? These guys?:

(Taken with my camera, who, when hoisted above my head, had a much better view than myself.)

Then I remembered: In addition to being a favorite band of the CW for sound-tracking highly-charged emotional moments, the Aussies had a huge song that was featured in (500) Days of Summer.


Here’s the (500) Days song. It’s called “Sweet Disposition”:

Man, when they played this song the kids went nuts. This chick felt compelled to share it with the world:

But since Kari and I couldn’t see crap, we decided to have a photo shoot:

“Hmmm… what shall I do?”

“I know, since we’re at a Temper Trap show that I can’t even see, I’m gonna throw a Temper Tantrum. Ha.”

“Okay yay! That was fun. Now let’s get out of here.”



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