B-Boy Limping

March 14, 2010, 7:48 pm
Filed under: Nature!, New York

That is, What Would Henry Rollins Do?

It’s a question I often ask when I’m making a difficult decision. And after three hours of his uninterrupted speech last night at Irving Plaza (without so much as a sip from his water bottle), I think I’m better equipped to answer it.

Or at least I ‘ll stop answering it with:

“Bash their fuckin’ head in!”

[Nah, I won’t.]

‘Cause really, dude is intimidating. Here’s his face:

Here’s his face as a stamp:

Still scary! Actually more so!

But really he’s a very nice man!

And so that’s the question: how does an aging punk rocker with an insatiable curiosity, a little bit of cash in his pocket and that mug navigate his way through life post hardcore music career?

Pretty much like a sensitive bull in a china shop. Doing things like:

  • Thrashing his body against a car and bleeding when trying to “keep it real” on the set Sons of Anarchy, (then being told to tone it down by the stunt folks).
  • Hanging out with Ian MacKaye at  Bad Brains concerts …
  • … and being SUPER EXCITED when using MacKaye’s connections to check out original manuscripts at the National Archives in DC.
  • Crying when Barack Obama won the presidency.
  • Giving a kid in rural Sri Lanka the gift of The Stooges, and
  • Judging RuPaul’s Drag Race (NEXT WEEK YOU GUYS!!!) and accidentally fantasizing about “lady-men.”

This was just scratching the surface. Did I mention the spoken word was three hours long?

Of course, that’s something Henry Rollins would do.

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