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So, Iggy Pop stage dove at Carnegie Hall…
March 1, 2010, 4:12 pm
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…and nobody caught him.

It was at last Friday’s Philip-Glass-curated Tibet House benefit concert and happened after monks chanted, Glass played piano, Irish balladeer Pierce Turner  covered “Yogi with a Broken Heart,” 15-year-old Tibetan refugee Tenzin Kunsel sang a native song, Regina Spektor was blissfully sweet (and curtsied after her set), and Bajah and The Dry Eye Crew gave an a exuberant but contained performance.

But poor Iggy can’t be the only one blamed/given credit for getting the crowd over-hyped and showing the esteemed and traditionally stodgy Carnegie Hall more action than it’s probably seen in ages. The honor can be shared with Gogol Bordello* who, to be fair, “started it.”

Their acoustic set began reasonably lively, but then a few people started popping up:

And then they started running towards the stage:

And then it was full-on pandemonium:

(Eugene Hutz could have said anything at that moment.)

Then Patti Smith took the reigns and  got down on her knees…

… and Iggy Pop took off his sweater:

Iggy–who’s  gonna finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year with his band the Stooges– also beat up the stage floor with his mic stand (attempting to make a dent), stuck the mic itself down his pants, shot back and forth in front of the audience, and bared his ass-crack to the world.

“Is he limping?” I asked my date at one point. I mean, the man is 62 years old.
“I thought he was strutting,” she replied.

Okay, we’ll go with strutting.

And then:

This is right before he dove off the stage.

* GB’s Rick Rubin-produced new album Trans-Continental Hustle will be released April 27. They’re also playing a Haiti benefit March 9 at Irving.


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Jealous. My love for Iggy knows no bounds. Also, surprise! I am reading your blog.

Comment by julia

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