B-Boy Limping

i need a new party profession
February 17, 2010, 2:53 pm
Filed under: New York

[B-BOY]: so yesterday i was at this fashion party
[B-BOY]: and this gross guy was hitting on me and my friend
[B-BOY]: and he asked what we did for a living
[B-BOY]: and the best lie i could come up with was “mathematician.”
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[B-BOY]: i had no way to back that up at all
[B-BOY]: like, what the crap does a mathematician do?
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: that’s the worst thing you could have said! then they ask you to do math in your head!
[B-BOY]: i gotta come up with a better fake profession
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: wanna know my party profession?
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: well first i’m honest and say writer
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: but they always ask what you write
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: then i say horoscopes
[B-BOY]: hahahaha
[B-BOY]: awesome.
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: that way, people will start asking me what theirs is and i can make up fun stuff
[B-BOY]: oh, that’s really good!
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: or just say they’re going to die of alcohol poisoning and then offer them a drink
[OHMYGODYOUGUYS]: great for parties
[B-BOY]: SO great!

OHMYGODYOUGUYS is the lovely and brilliant Emma Barker.


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At least I came up with pirate! Yarr.

Comment by Erin C.

Yes. Yes you did.

Comment by bboylimping

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