B-Boy Limping

“Brevity is the soul of Witstream”

Remember when Michael Ian Black started the Fuckit List on Twitter? You might not, because it was just around the time the site was beginning the steep incline to the level of popularity it enjoys today. The Fuckit list, to remind and enlighten, is modeled after a Bucket list, except instead of being things you want to do before you die, it’s a list of things you don’t give a crap about ever trying. For example, I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna join Facebook. Or care about football. Anyway, back in May this idea spread through Twitter like wildfire, and then actually made non-140-character news.

I think it was then that Black realized the potential of the format, and Twitter users began to discover the endless source of entertainment that is the unedited spurts out of funny people. To capitalize on this phenomenon Black, along with television producer Lisa Cohen, have launched WitStream, a one-stop website devoted solely to the tweets of selected writers, comedians, and humorists. Black and Cohen have waded through the banal crap so you don’t have to.

They also curated a pretty sweet show last night at Comix, to celebrate the launch of the site. Here are some pics:


Clockwise from top left: Doug Benson, Josh Fadem, Baron Vaughn, Michael Ian Black, the Sklar Brothers, and Morgan Murphy. In the middle: Michael Showalter.

Last night we the audience were not only entertained, we were also educated. For instance Michael Ian Black taught us “pornado,” a word he invented to describe a really huge orgy.

From Baron Vaughn we learned that the world’s largest breasts are a size 38 KKK. Which is unfortunate because “her titties are so big that they hate black people.”

And Morgan Murphy convinced us that she is not a lesbian, she’s just sad and it reads the same.

Showalter fixated on his Yankees jacket, Josh Fadem fell down a lot and Doug Benson talked about pot. Truthfully, I can’t remember anything the Sklar brothers said, but I’m pretty sure they were funny. And brief. Because brevity is, as they say, the soul of WitStream.


MIB when he wasn’t hosting.


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