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Mika’s a tiger on stage…
October 22, 2009, 12:30 pm
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…but rather tame in the bedroom.

Seriously, when I interviewed him, it was in a hotel bedroom, and he was quite reserved.

Mika last Friday at the United Palace Theater

Someone decidedly not reserved on stage, or in the bedroom, is Margaret Cho.

[Mom and Dad, it’s in your best interest to stop reading here.]


I know the “in the bedroom” part because last night at the RISK! event at Joe’s Pub, Cho revealed her love for bondage and domination behind closed doors. If you’re not familiar, RISK! is a weekly night/podcast hosted by Kevin Allison of The State, where folks get up on stage and tell true stories about themselves.

Last night’s theme was “We Were Young: Things We’d Never Do Again” and Cho regaled us with a story about being in a relationship with an unattractive man who was bad at sex. She introduced us to a fun game she plays with her friends, where she runs up to them and yells


Because that’s what the dude used to ask her when she didn’t orgasm.

Oh, how I love Margaret Cho, and her willingness to mine her personal tragedies for the benefit of comedy. I also thank her for that game, which I’m gonna start playing. Just a warning to my friends.

We were left last night with some sage advice, that being “Don’t fuck someone you don’t love.” Then she amended to “Don’t be in a relationship with someone you don’t love.” Because, yeah. The first way would make life pretty boring.

You can see the marvelous Ms. Cho when she accompanies Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal for John Roberts and Friends tonight at Comix.


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But seriously… Why didn’t you come?!

I’m a little confused though. Mika’s not the dude she was talking about, right?

Comment by Sasha

Oh lord, I hope not. She’d break the poor boy. Plus, he’s quite handsome.

And most likely not into chicks.

Comment by bboylimping

Ok, didn’t think so. But I thought maybe there was some kind of connection. I wonder who the guy is. I mean she went out with him for 4 years, broke up his marriage, and he’s “famous”. There must be some way to figure it out.

Comment by Sasha

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