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I was told “pics or it didn’t happen”
September 10, 2009, 7:39 am
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So here you go, doubters.  Some shitty, shitty pics.

Allow him to re-introduce himself, his name is HOV…





Jay-Z at the DJ Hero showcase, 9/9/09, Blender Theater.

74 minutes of greatest hits bliss, and stuff off the new album.

I’d say go see him Friday at his benefit show at MSG (also the original release date for The Blueprint 3), but that shit is soollld oouutt. If you are an intrepid soul, however, and figure out a way to get in, do it. But don’t try sitting off to a corner, bobbing your head like you’re someone’s grandma. Jay’ll (Z’ll?) call you out, as he did last night to a a tired fan:

“Homeboy sitting on the steps — this ain’t a poetry reading. You fucking my whole vibe up and shit…”

Last night it was just some light jabbing amongst friends. But tomorrow the embarrassment will get real when they flash your mug up on the MSG screens or for all 19,000 or so fans to roll with.

“These great people here came to party…”

[Ben Sisaro’s NYT review]
[NYmag’s Vulture]
[Caryn Ganz for Rolling Stone (for the play-by-play)]


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How we gonna get around your bus pass?

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Before I… oh, you know what I’ll do.

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